Dante Rivera vs Matthew Riddle Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale fight slated

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6/3/08 10:14:23AM
Dante Rivera and Matthew Riddle will clash at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 7 Finale at The Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, June 21 at 9 p.m. ET on SpikeTV, according to MMAWeekly.com.

Both contestants are currently competing as middleweights on this season of the show; however, both have been eliminated from the 16-man tournament-style format.

Rivera defeated John Wood via submission (kimura) to earn a spot in the fighter house during the debut episode. He then went on to outpoint Brandon Sene in a three-round “sudden victory” match, propelling him into the next round.

In his next match, Rivera went up against Jesse Taylor and had no answers for his relentless takedowns and wrestling skills. He went on to lose the match — and his chance at a six-figure contract — via decision.

Riddle, of course, is famous for the brutal jaw-breaking knockout of Dan Simmler in the first episode, as well as living in his mother’s basement and not having a driver’s license.

6/3/08 10:22:28AM
good fight for riddle. I don't really see any way he loses this. Probably the reason they gave it to him. He obviously has big punches, but he's too inexperienced to stay out of situations where he plays into his opponents' strengths. Dante really has no strengths at all, so it shouldn't be a problem in this fight. Probably going to be a rough night for dante.
6/3/08 11:13:50AM
i cant believe they r bringing dante back..... he didnt show me anything on the show.... does he have impressive wins elsewhere???
6/3/08 11:27:38AM
I dont think riddle is going to get this one. I think Dante will 1. submit him or 2. tko him on the ground. The reason i say this, is dante wont stand long with riddle. Riddle only had 1 good punch, and he just timed it so well to an amateur fighter and it connected as the guy was coming forward which in return made knockout!
6/3/08 12:14:19PM
With Riddle training with ACS now I think Riddle will be even better than he was on the show which was pretty darn impressive for a kid of 22. His striking is only gonna get better and he has heavy hands I think Riddle will use his wrestling to keep this fight standing with Dante and Dante's take downs seemed all to come from the clinch (and they weren't very impressive in his fight with Mohawk). All in all I can see how this could be the hot bout with Dante being a submission guy and Riddle being sub. by Tim but Riddle also did great in that fight with Tim. Tim is on another level compared to Dante imo and I see this fight going alot like the Jesse Taylor fight Dante had.
6/3/08 12:15:48PM
Oh goody we get another 8 scrubs for the UFC to put on TV. I would be shocked if any of theese guys are still in UFC in 15 months. Unless they keep fighting each other to get the wins they need to stay. Kendall Grove will probably be matched up with one of this season's fighters.
6/3/08 12:26:33PM
I like Riddle and his KO was killer, But after this fight I dont want to see him in the UFC until he becomes a more skilled fighter. If he comes into the UFC chances are high that he will get schooled, And wont be good for him.

This fight, Riddle KO.
6/3/08 12:54:05PM
I think I like Dante more but I'm not sure he'll be able to win this fight.
6/3/08 2:25:20PM
ive been impressed with riddle ... his fight with tim was extremly impressive he was in there wit a guy whos one of the favorites and he wasnt even expected to make the house ... and i think he will be able 2 keep it standing cuz dante has good jui jits but horrible wrestlng
6/3/08 3:05:13PM
I would love to see Riddle win, he's only young and he can only improve and get better as time goes by, but Rivera is no slouch he has fought in IFL and has wins thier, he has a lot more expierence
6/3/08 6:09:11PM
i would be surprised in dante wins this fight, especially if he has the same poor performance that he did against jesse. i actually think that he did poorly in his fight against brandon as well, even though he won
6/3/08 7:57:58PM
i would like to see riddle win
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