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9/26/07 11:28:04AM
Making the transition from professional wrestler to mixed martial artist is a very challenging task. With his near submission in a shoot match over Kurt Angle at a World Wrestling Entertainment show, Daniel Puder immediately made a big name for himself. Since leaving WWE for MMA, Puder has looked very impressive in amassing a perfect 5-0 record.

9/26/07 3:11:59PM
I never got to see him much in the wwe but i saw that key lock on angle. Dude, angles like forty years old so I'm not getting my hopes up for that match up. I didnt realize Puder was a heavyweight and it turns out, he is just my size. I'd like to see him fight brock down the line, unfortunatly, its too bad that he wil be destroyed and possibly f-5ed to his grave. Careful what you wish for my main man.
9/26/07 3:47:49PM
Has everyone heard the clip of him crying backstage after his brief appearance in the Royal Rumble? The veterans "tuned him up", turns out he thought he was much bigger than he was. They squashed that pretty fast.

Ill look for it, its classic.

He is literally sobbing, and you can hear people in the background laughing.

For the record, his little thing with Angle was supposed to be to the pin, not to the submission. Thats why Angle got caught in the kimura. I dont think that Angle could hang with the big dogs of MMA, but to say that Puder wouldve gotten him is laughable. Its like showing up to a basketball game with a glove and bat. Completely different games. Puder decided to try and show him up. Not a good idea. The rumble was payback, ending with his firing. Thank God.
9/26/07 10:37:09PM
Yeah, thank god for us...pro wrestling sucks!!
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