Daniel Cormier knows that he may face Cain Velasquez, but he has a plan for it...

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7/5/12 11:33:22PM
Ah, fight week. The time of the month when you are constantly reminded how out of shape you truly are when overly-fit men remove their shirts in front of a global audience of hundreds of thousands of people. You have to come to the realization that your abs will never look as good as your favorite fighter -- regardless of how many carbs you cut. You're just not built to be a fighter, bud. Yesterday, the UFC invited every member of the media to try their hands at training with a handful of MMA fighters and unfortunately LayzieTheSavage didn't participate in any of the strenuous physical activities. That Layzie, always being lazy -- and incorrectly spelling it. Someone needs to buy that guy a dictionary app for his smart phone -- or just tell him how to correctly spell 'lazy.'

Despite LayzieTheSavage's grammatical set backs, he did manage to get this interview of Daniel Cormier talking about eventually facing Cain Velasquez and what he plans to do when that time arrives.

7/6/12 7:30:38AM
Break his hand for the millionth time and pull out
7/6/12 1:23:59PM
I actually think cormier can win against Cain. But not JDS
7/6/12 2:08:36PM
Stop eating Mcdonalds?
7/6/12 2:08:47PM
He's a pretty well spoken guy. I'm surprised he thinks he could make 205 though.
7/6/12 2:39:54PM
Especially after his Olympic episode, where his weight cut failed him
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