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9/17/12 10:33:38AM
Interesting read for those that like statistics.

9/17/12 10:52:21AM
Interesting, yes.
I think it is too flawed, but I MMA stats are in their infancy and there is so much to take into consideration.
I wish there would somehow have been some consideration of who the opponents were (in the matches in which knockdowns were scored).

Overall, a valiant effort.
9/17/12 10:54:39AM
Intresting I knda skimmed it after a while I tend to feel that accuracy has alot to do with knockdowns as well as the chin of the guy you touch.
9/17/12 11:11:39AM
Extremely flawed. Fun to look at numbers though.

I say if you want to look at power you have two categories anyway, your knockdown knockout finisher and your rocker.

For instance, Rampage WILL finish someone he can connect with if he can follow up properly.... Then you have guys like Kongo who can rock guys all day long and not finish them but still how much power does it take to consistently rock someone all fight long.
9/17/12 1:32:22PM
Cool I like that concept of power, though as others have mentioned it has it's flaws.
9/17/12 4:37:06PM
It would be interesting to see a statistical graph vs an anecdotal one. The general consensus amongst fighters is that Melvin Manhoef has the hardest punch.
9/17/12 6:29:19PM
Great idea, but just another pointless statistic. There are way too many factors to consider when measuring effective power. A good effort though.