Dana White “Working On Something” for Georges St-Pierre & Welterweight Division

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3/31/10 11:11:53AM
With welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre on the verge of lapping the entire 170-pound division after running through Dan Hardy on Saturday night, Dana White believes he has an ace in the hole for the division to keep things interesting.

“I’m working on something right now that I can’t talk to you guys about cause I don’t have it done yet,” White said regarding his plans for the winner of Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley at UFC 113.

Jon Fitch stated his interest in challenging St-Pierre once again, but White has other plans for Fitch first.

“I’m not kidding when I say that I would like to see [Josh] Koscheck fight [Jon] Fitch,” White admitted. “[They] talk about how bad they want title shots, just like Jon Fitch tonight, ‘I want that title so bad,’ really? How bad do you want it? You wanna fight Koscheck? He’s in your division and he’s one of the best.”

3/31/10 11:40:13AM

what if blackhouse, AKA and jackson were to merge ?

The only 2 fighters left to fight would be BJ Penn & Gabriel Gonzaga
3/31/10 11:58:48AM
I smell jake sheilds
3/31/10 12:00:43PM
I'd really like to see Fitch vs Koscheck. That fight would be awesome no doubt
3/31/10 12:03:10PM
What could pitting Koscheck against Fitch actually do for the WW division in all honesty? They're both going to lose to GSP again and everyone knows it. My money would be on Fitch to win this fight, but it's pointless anyways.

I haven't heard anybody talking about how they really want to see this fight anyways. I'd rather see Fitch vs. Alves 2 by a long shot. The casual fan probably has virtually no clue who Fitch and Koscheck are and that they train at AKA together.

Nobody cares. Dana is just being an ass about this whole thing if you ask me.
3/31/10 12:55:13PM

Posted by postman

I smell jake sheilds

My first thoughts exactly.
3/31/10 12:55:39PM
I think we are going to see Jake Shields come into the UFC after his fight with Henderson, which would be a pretty interesting fight, but I don't see Shields taking it.
3/31/10 12:57:33PM
Jake Shields would add some more depth to the WW division. But he still stands almost no chance against GSP. I don't think Shields is as good as Fitch or any better than Koscheck. GSP needs to move. That's the only thing that can make the ww division entertaining again. I say BJ and GSP both bump up a weight class.
3/31/10 1:03:08PM
Its gotta be Jake Shields, cause I know that the UFC was in negotation with him a couple times, and if he were to sign he would be almost guranteed a shot at the title
3/31/10 1:11:18PM
ye it is jake shields, ill be surprised if its not, probly jake and GSP on the next TUF
3/31/10 1:11:25PM

Posted by postman

I smell jake sheilds

Yep, been saying this for a while now. Dana has been talking about him (almost) as much as he was with Vitor. Shields will be getting air time as one of Chuck's coaches on this season of TUF. What sealed the deal for me though is that Shields is in a Tapout ad in the latest UFC magazine...seems really out of place if he's not bringing him in.
3/31/10 1:21:17PM
No one will want to see GSP/Shields if Henderson beats Shields' ass. You can scream that the Henderson fight is at 185, but casual fans won't care. They'll see Shields as a guy who lost to a UFC reject. I hope Dana has someone else in mind along with Shields or else he'll look like an idiot again.
3/31/10 1:25:27PM
It could be Shields....or even Nick Diaz. Maybe it is a Lightweight who is jumping up a weight...or maybe it is a middleweight who is going down a weight? There many possibilities.
3/31/10 1:31:00PM
I would love to see Nick Diaz back in the UFC, he and his brother would be fighting in the same division now,. but it would still be awesome.
3/31/10 1:47:40PM
ah damn ur prob rights..its gotta be jake shields...although good, he has no chance against GSP

id rather see nick diaz, although still no chance against GSP

they should just retire the WW division until GSP retires for good
3/31/10 1:49:34PM

3/31/10 1:55:15PM

Posted by emfleek

Why the rage Fleek?
3/31/10 1:56:22PM
my guess is Fitch AND Kos vs GSP. i still pick GSP!
3/31/10 2:00:02PM
Why is there such a demand for GSP to move up the dude is vary happy being the best at 170 and is content just dominating everyone why move up? To lose? He must feel more comforatable at 170 he trains with nate who is one of the best 185ers so I'm sure he knows how he would do. I think GSP is smart when he is done he will be the greatest hell he is the greatest 170er of all time.
3/31/10 2:12:45PM

Yeah, I'd rather see Kos vs GSP if Kos beats Daley than Shields vs GSP if Shields just lost to Hendo.

If Shields somehow wins and leaves Strikeforce with the title (not the belt, just the title), then you've got a big matchup against GSP.

The notion of BJ, GSP and Anderson each moving up a weight class is very intriguing though.
3/31/10 2:15:38PM
I'd rather see Paulo Thiago get a shot before any of those other guys get a rematch with GSP. I know three fights ago Paulo lost to Fitch, but he's getting better each fight and seems to be bulking up as well. He'd probably get mauled like the rest, but I'd rather see another top guy that hasn't had the challenge of facing GSP yet, compared to seeing the same guy fight GSP again with the same EXACT results as before, which we know to be true.
3/31/10 2:22:07PM
either gsp moves up to middleweight gives up the belt
or shields gets signed and given immediate title shot
3/31/10 2:24:07PM

Posted by postman

Why the rage Fleek?

Comments like this are the reason for my rage...

id rather see nick diaz, although still no chance against GSP

they should just retire the WW division until GSP retires for good

3/31/10 2:26:28PM
Quite obviously Jake Shields, who will get destroyed.

I would much rather see Paulo Thiago in there with GSP.

Sure you can say he's only beat 2 contenders and he's not ready, but honestly, a ground ace KO'd koscheck and Swick, without utilizing a ground game, This is the only fight I can see where it will have GSP not wanting to stand OR go to the ground, I think this would be a solid match up, and would probably force GSP to stand, that would make so many of you casual MMA fans who bash the hell outta GSP in some other threads happy. He lost to fitch yes, but now he knows to use his amazing BJJ to counter the wrestling, rather then try to stand up and go for the KO.
3/31/10 3:21:19PM
Nick Diaz > Jake Shields but I wouldn't be surprised to see Shields there after he gets beat by Hendo.
3/31/10 4:55:52PM

Posted by tallica62
id rather see nick diaz, although still no chance against GSP

Nick Diaz has no chance against GSP? I would put my money on Diaz any day of the week. I think Diaz would bloody GSP in a standup fight...and if GSP wants to take it to the ground...Diaz will submit him. That is just my opinion anyhow.
3/31/10 5:28:24PM
Hmmm i reckon a UFC Welterweight Tournment would be interresting. Simular to the old Pride style tournments. Whereby you dont even know your opponent till on the night

Perhaps: BJ Penn, Diego Sanchez, Nick Diaz Jake Shields?
3/31/10 5:32:55PM

I say BJ and GSP both bump up a weight class.

and anderson should also jump up to LHW and take the title from lyoto so i dont have to listen to him on any more ppv promos. though not until after he fought gsp at middle

jake shields isnt gonna beat GSP, he isnt gonna beat hendo
3/31/10 5:38:58PM
iDana is bringing in cristiane cyborg to fight GSP.

Dana, it's not a good move. it'll back fire. GSP will be all gentlemen like and end up losing because he won't want to hurt her.

Great! now we have a girl as the welterweight champ in the UFC....it's a downward spiral and nobody wins here.

I have no interest in seeing giant woman fight brock, shane, jds or cain and that's where this is all going.
3/31/10 7:44:05PM
Last time WW got a little thin for a champ he brought back Royce Gracie. Let's hope we get something a little better than that this time.

... Although if it's GSP v. Rickson I wonder how many will still go for Rickson via armbar.
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