Dana White's WEC 41 Video Blog - Day 2 (06/02)

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6/3/09 6:09:01AM

Seems like nobody is confident about Mike Brown......
6/3/09 9:51:23AM
I wonder what the announcement is that is gonna change the future of MMA......?
6/3/09 10:14:13AM
I wonder if the reason Grey and Tyson were both interviewed and in the same place (presumably) is to sign a fight agreement. That would be a good fight!
6/3/09 11:09:38AM
No gray and tyson wont fight they are teammates. They both train at extreme couture and they train together alot from what i hear. They were probably in the same place cuz they were hangin out or just got done with training. That would be a very explosive fight but i think gray would take a close decision. Id be rootin for tyson tho
6/3/09 12:55:02PM
God I love Wanderlei.
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