Dana White: Wanderlei Silva Likely to Face Brian Stann in Comeback Fight

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1/14/11 10:01:36AM
In the months since Wanderlei Silva went on the shelf recovering from a knee injury and subsequent surgery, it seems like practically every middleweight in the division has asked to face him in his comeback fight.

Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt, Alan Belcher and Chris Leben are all among the names that have publically lobbied to face the MMA legend. But it seems the most recent man to request Silva may be the one to get the much-desired bout.

Brian Stann is the most likely opponent for Silva upon his return, UFC president Dana White told MMA Fighting.

1/14/11 11:52:39AM
silva by kkkkkkknock out
1/14/11 12:37:41PM
All-American by KO.
1/14/11 12:51:59PM
Good match up for both, and a step in the right direction for both as well, everybody is a winner.
1/14/11 1:01:30PM
Prior to this long layoff, I would have picked Wanderlei...I'm not so sure now. By the time they fight, Silva will have been out of action for roughly 15 months, assuming the fight happens sometime in April or May.
1/14/11 1:40:24PM
I prolly like Stann here and might have good size adv on Wandy.
1/14/11 1:47:30PM
i hope this fight goes on UFC 129 if Hominick loses
1/14/11 2:38:43PM
Wanderlei is still dangerous, maybe not the "axe murderer" he once was, but still very dangerous.

Stann is dangerous too, and he proved that against Leben. I won't count him out. Hard fight to call though.

My heart says Wanderlei, but my head says Stann.
1/14/11 4:03:28PM
Good fight. My guess is may june for this fight
More likely june
Leban must be pissed he aint fighting wandy and stann is
1/15/11 3:34:48AM
That oughta piss Chris Leben off if anything will...
He's been wanting a shot at Wanderlei for a while, and was confused as to why they gave him Stann instead of Silva.
Dam dam dam.
1/15/11 3:41:39PM
Wanderlei is still 5 times the fighter Stann is. He can win by decision, sub or ko. i choose the latter.
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