Dana White's UFC 94 vlog -episode 1

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1/26/09 7:42:01PM
Here's the first ep. of the UFC 94 vlog.

Dana White UFC 94 vlog
1/26/09 8:44:20PM
i always enjoy these and this one has some major hope just like the last one with overeem and semmy. kid yam would be an amazing addition and while its not likley to happen lets hope he goes to wec
1/27/09 1:00:36AM
"I'll cruise around later and get some predictions from some of these guys on who they like, GSP or St. Pierre."

It's only 1 minute in and thats the second time he's done it. I think its safe to say who White likes in the fight.
1/27/09 2:28:25AM
I hope he keeps doing these video blogs. Its awesome to see some of the big name fighters from other orgs in the video. Hope its a taste of what is to come in the UFC
1/27/09 3:06:18AM
i would love to see kid come to the wec in the featherweight division or the ufcs lightweights. hes still good at heavier weights but i think hes like bj with wanting everything and its not good for em imo
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