Dana White still certain UFC unable to conduct its own random PED testing

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4/16/12 1:01:41AM
With Alistair Overeem facing the Nevada State Athletic Commission on April 24, UFC president Dana White is less than two weeks away from knowing whether or not he'll still have Overeem's services in the headlining slot of UFC 146.

Overeem, of course, is the latest fighter accused of abusing testosterone replacement therapy after a random NSAC test found his testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio was 14-to-1, well over the allowable 6-to-1 ratio.

So is White now ready to ramp up monitoring and institute a UFC-run random-testing procedure? Absolutely not, said White. It's simply not realistic.

"We don't do random testing," White said at Saturday's post-UFC on FUEL TV 2 press conference in Stockholm. "First of all, all the guys who come into the UFC, now we changed the policy. You sign a deal with us, you get tested. You go into 'The Ultimate Fighter,' you get tested. We test. We don't even have to [expletive] test. That's not what we do. That's what the athletic commission does.

"Then the athletic commission now is doing random tests before, leading up to the fight, after the fight. They're being tested like crazy. The [expletive] testing in this sport is insane. It is literally the gold standard in all of sports."

4/16/12 12:10:05PM
but they are only testing when fights are coming up, meaning fighters use as much as they want till they sign for a fight then stop using and take estrogen therapy to get their levels to normal before the test ever happens
4/16/12 5:00:43PM
White is copping out. He does all of the work he does because he chooses to. They could easily test all 375 fighters once a month if need be. It is all about money. It would cost a chunk of money and the UFC doesn't want to pay for it. I am not sure they should have to though. They do test before fights. However....when a fighter such as Overeem tests positive before a fight it ruins a fight people were excited to see and it creates a mess for the UFC. If they tested more often they wouldn't run into that dilemma and the fans would not be disappointed or pissed off. Between the Athletic Commissions and the UFC the problem shouldn't exist....but it does. Something needs to change. Someone needs to do more. The A.C. and the UFC should alternate monthly tests. Problem solved. If the fighters had to test every month it would cut down on the PED usage in the sport. Even though the amount of people getting "clipped" in the sport is low anyhow. Like I said though...it would cost money...and ultimately we the fans would be the ones who paid for it.
4/16/12 11:36:37PM
It's not like Dana goes and tests them himself. I don't think his arguement of i'm busy is valid.
4/17/12 5:27:44PM
"Too busy" is just about as poor an excuse as you can get. If you're stretched too thin--then hire more employees, and have a specific team that handles the testing. If you have some other reason--like it's just not financially worth it--then just say so.
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