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1/19/07 2:02:38PM
Dana had some interesting things to say on his chat:

Raiderbeast says:
Before leaving tonight, can you tell us if another big Pride fighter will show up in the UFC anytime soon??
DanaWhite says to (18:08):
Raiderbeast, count on it!!!

tootall2 says
Do you intend to keep bringing the better - fighters from other organizations, or is there a plan to absorb other organizations, such as Pride - and thanks for bringing excitement back to professional fighting

DanaWhite says
Totall, it's my goal to acquire all the best fighters in the world and if things go my way, i will have them all by the end of year

dnkyntz says
could you talk about the rumors regarding acquiring pride

DanaWhite says
dnkyntz, obviously we are out there acquiring other MMA companies right now and if Pride is for sale, I'm interested.

thought i'd post these comments, he usually shoots pretty straight, so let the rumors fly
1/19/07 2:09:54PM
on the subject of UFC 70, Dana said that he'll be taking the big stars to the UK for this card, rumor has it that Bisping will co-headline, and it may be on HBO where the UFC has a new deal
1/19/07 2:26:59PM
Hope they don't buy Pride. If they do, they should keep it running as a second company. Maybe he could get a TV deal in Japan since their is no Mob rumors with the UFC. The could hire Sakaraba to run it , he's Like Randy Coutrre to us. Know one doubts his honor, and it might actually get him to stop fighting. I don't want him to die in the ring. I think it would be dumb to close a company that just needs a little tweaking, and we finally would get a to see croos-promotional fights.
1/19/07 2:31:54PM
Dana says that WEC will remain a competitor which leads me to believe that pride if bought would be basically UFC Japan
1/28/07 6:06:13AM
I don't think they are gonna bu Pride, but if they did I would keep the Pride name and just produce it better. Maybe they would be able to get a TV deal with no Yakuza worries. I would hire Sakuraba to run it. He's a legend , and I wouldn't have to worry about him dying in the ring.
2/5/07 4:41:17PM
I dont think that Pride is really in Finacial troubles like Josh Gross has been claiming on 'the beatdown'. i think the UFC has just gotten bigger. Like most i hope Pride stays big so there is good competition between the 2 for quality fighters. Thats far better for the fighters has their contracts will increase.

2/5/07 5:18:39PM
why wouldnt it be good for UFC to buy Pride?

that will end the Pride vs UFC Topics...and will really Prove who is the best of the best

plus..means less money of PPV for me....but then again....i would pay for UFC twice a month too
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