Dana White: TUF 9 was ‘f-ing unbelieveable’ (Video)

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3/16/09 3:25:42PM
3/16/09 3:40:21PM
Oh and we havnt heard that before
3/16/09 3:47:04PM
I cant wait for the show to start. Sounds like its going to be sweet in terms of fights and just general entertainment. Ive got a feeling Bispings reputation with his American haters is going to sink to a new low aswell if his arguing with Dan is as bad as Dana is making it out to be.
3/16/09 3:54:34PM

Posted by hodge

Oh and we havnt heard that before

i heard that last year and how crazy it was before it aired and turns out it was a crazy season. props to a new concept and another great season of tuf!!!
3/16/09 3:55:08PM
first off.... WAR BISPING!!!

I like Henderson, and I'm from the good ole U.S. of A., but I'm gunna be rooting for bisping here. That might change as i get to know the fighters more.

But I think this season will end up being a good idea. The nation v nation idea is kinda lame, but i like getting fighters associated with their home countries. More tough UK (or any Europeans for that matter) fighters can only help the growth of the UFC.
3/16/09 3:56:43PM

Posted by hodge

Oh and we havnt heard that before

Just 8 other times.
3/16/09 4:50:04PM
When does it air?
3/16/09 4:58:41PM

Posted by Mackavelli

When does it air?

April 1st.

After UFC Fight Night 18
3/16/09 5:02:04PM
I love TUF, but Dana says this about every season, and they don't live up to the hype. I must say though, welterweights and lightweights are as exciting as they get.
3/16/09 5:24:35PM
I'm still waiting to see the "Anderson Silva" of season 8.
3/17/09 9:36:41AM
I heard Bisping being interviewed and saying that he tried to get a rise out of Dan because he fights better when there is some bad blood. However he said that it was near impossible because Dan is such a laid back dude.
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