Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series 2 results: Sean O’Malley earns UFC contract with first-round KO

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7/19/17 11:41:40AM
On Tuesday evening, another 10 up-and-coming fighters looking to make their way into the UFC competed in the second edition of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series in Las Vegas. Last week, two fighters were awarded UFC contracts but this week only one fighter is walking away as a new addition to the UFC: Sean O’Malley.

7/19/17 1:52:30PM
Week 1 they signed Kurt Holobaugh and Boston Salmon.
7/19/17 6:32:51PM
Sean is going to be a star. No doubt about it. The kid is entertaining to watch and he's got a ton of confidence in his interviews.

I can't help feeling like Thanh Le got screwed over here though. How do you give Boston Salmon a contract in week 1 (don't get me wrong, I thought he deserved it) but not Le? That head kick was devastating and the fight itself was really entertaining. Dana saw Sean fight and he reminded him of McGregor and it's like none of the other fights mattered anymore. He made up his mind right there and then.
7/19/17 6:38:44PM
Le should have gotten one too.
7/19/17 8:33:34PM
Boston Salmon getting signed week 1 was cool. He should be undefeated. Worst decision ever him losing to Zac

Serious that was bullshit. Salmon arguably won every round but Riley was at home and got the decision .
7/20/17 12:15:57AM
I'm actually surprised they didn't sign Than Le last night too....he has a pretty vicious KO.
7/20/17 4:20:03AM
My guess is since this is an every Tuesday thing now that Le will get another fight in due time. If he has another nice performance he should get signed.

You guys remember he was on TUF and had some nice performances on there but had trouble with grapplers eventually getting eliminated by Martin Svensson by Sub. Good thing for Le now is he's working with Ryan Hall so his ground game has improved or more so his ability to keep the fight standing.

Another guy from last night that's likely to get another shot is Casey Kenney. He beat a good/much improved CJ Hamilton. This Kenney kid has only been fighting for over 3 years now and is high level wrestler w/ high level Judo. He's never been beaten and is now 11-0 with his amateur bouts. But you know Dana likes those finishes.

Not to keep rambling but this is a cool series they put together. It always seemed as if whoever the LFA champ was they'd get picked up a lot of times without even defending their belt. So these guys that would normally get signed, Matt Bessette for example, lost on the show so he didn't get signed, Holobaugh got re-signed. So many times they'd bring up an AXS promotion champion that wasn't ready. This looks like it is gonna serve as a weeding out process. I like it!

And last but not least Id like them to have Miles Johns on there soon. He looked good, really good for a 4-0 fighter against Levi Mowels. I'd like to either see him on the show or fight Chico Camus for the LFA belt. I can definitely see him fighting at the next level with a bit more experience.