Dana White: "Tito is fighting Mark Coleman"

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8/9/09 4:15:23AM
During the post-fight press conference Dana White says who Tito Ortiz's next fight will be against: Mark Coleman.

(30min mark)linky link
8/9/09 8:33:40AM
i heard it live outta dana mouths on the press conference last night.. i think its lets give tito easy win back and send coleman home, he is so old. lol.
8/9/09 9:32:49AM
either in nov in vegas or the jan 2nd card in vegas is my guess
8/9/09 9:43:06AM
Tito will beat Coleman pretty decisively.
8/9/09 10:09:08AM
Theres a tough fight to come back. LOL Just like fighting Shammy. Thought they would give him a tougher opponent.
8/9/09 10:32:40AM
Coleman is a lot better than Ken Shamrock and more importantly Coleman can outwrestle Tito with ease.
8/9/09 11:37:22AM

Posted by Giant_Ochai

Coleman is a lot better than Ken Shamrock and more importantly Coleman can outwrestle Tito with ease.

after a few min of outwrestling him, he will play possum with Tito as well
8/9/09 12:11:19PM
well, there's no way tito is going to KO coleman.

i see this as they take turns GnPing each other and tito getting the decision after coleman gasses
8/9/09 12:17:09PM
No way will Coleman outwrestle Tito.

Tito will win via brutal GnP. He's still a contender imo.
8/9/09 12:20:11PM
Tito will easily win this fight. Coleman might try to outwrestle Tito for awhile but he will get gassed and when he does get gassed Tito is going to take over and win the fight. I mean Tito isn't Stephan Bonnar, Coleman can't just lay on him all night. This is just a warm up fight to see if Tito still has it after the surgery.
8/9/09 1:01:33PM
I think this will be a better fight then most people expect. Coleman looked good in the Bonnar fight. I think Coleman puts up a decent fight but, Tito wins this fight by UD.
8/9/09 1:05:53PM
Mark coleman will get punished..... coleman cant out wrestle tito...titos cardio is insane the longer the fight last the worst colemans eyes will be swelled shut...tito wins by nasty g n p first round......................i think this will be colemans last ufc fight
8/9/09 1:07:28PM
blah, im tired of seeing "tito has insane cardio"

he looked gassed in the rashad fight, and he hasn't fought in over a year, so i doubt he'll be in crazy shape
8/9/09 1:21:24PM
Coleman can't out wrestle tito? You do realize Coleman is a better wrestler right?
8/9/09 1:31:51PM
none the less this has the potential of being the most boring fight ever
8/9/09 3:14:24PM
I think Tito will destroy Coleman, early GNP victory in the 1st round. Hopefully there wrestling doesn't cancel each other out cause neither of them are good strikers haha.
8/9/09 4:03:57PM
LOL how many times dose dana have to repeat it? Ive seen him say this three times in the last week and the press keeps asking?

Anyway a healthy Tito is very dangerous and Colman has looked real good to be honest but Tito has better technical striking, less power but more speed and I realy felt his striking improved from the first Liddell fight to the last and just kept getting better, not saying it will be a huge offensive weapon for most fights but in this one it will.

Tito round three TKO.
8/9/09 4:51:30PM
I think it's debatable as to whether Coleman has better wrestling than Tito. He has better credentials, and when he was younger he was definitely better than Tito, but in his current condition I can easily see Tito outwrestling him. Even if Coleman does still have the better wrestling, he would likely gas after a round and get outwrestled from then on.

I see little chance for Coleman. I think this fight was set up because Bonnar didn't do the job he was expected to do lol.
8/19/09 6:26:12AM
If this happended in any other orginasation Dana would be ripping this fight. 9 years ago I would be interested.

These guys are just gatekeepers now. Sadly.
8/19/09 8:25:34AM

Posted by tomp6581

If this happended in any other orginasation Dana would be ripping this fight.

You, sir, are spot on.
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