Dana White Talks Rampage vs. Evans, Canada, UFC Undisputed 2010 and More

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5/25/10 9:17:28AM
Often times, a fighter may not be 100 percent focused in a return to competition after a layoff in pursuit of Hollywood dreams, but UFC president Dana White says Quinton "Rampage" Jackson should be an exception to the rule due to the amount of animosity he holds towards opponent Rashad Evans.

"The one saving grace for Rampage in this whole thing is how much he hates Rashad Evans," White said Monday on The MMA Hour. "The motivation for him to train and how angry he is and fired up he is for this fight. I think the fact that he's fighting Rashad is probably the best thing in the world for him."

White touched on many other subjects, below.

5/25/10 4:18:54PM
I'd rather see Fitch get the TUF coaching spot and the rematch with GSP instead of kos. I would also rather see paulo Thiago get a shot at GSP before Kos rematch. Also, I hate to see a title get tied up for extra months waiting on a TUF show to end. Especialy in a division that has as many top fighters as the WW div.

5/25/10 6:31:54PM
Have you ever considered that tying the title up allows time to build more contenders, and creates validity with those contenders?

And can you explain why you'd rather see fitch fight GSP?

I could understand Thiago, but he needs more time to develop before he takes that shot.

As for Fitch, he's already tied up with a (potential) fight with Alves, and what makes you think he's gotten any better since his loss to GSP? If anything, he's look less impressive in my eyes.
5/26/10 2:38:11AM

Posted by Caesarrrr
And can you explain why you'd rather see fitch fight GSP?

GSP is the only person to have beaten Fitch in the UFC, heck he is the only one to have beaten him in the last seven years. Fitch has strung together as an impressive win streak with more wins. Sure his last win over saunders wasn't a top guy, but it still was a complete and utter distruction. Just because a fighter doesn't finish a guy doesn't mean he is not dominating his fights and moving up. Improvment doesn't mean he as to be knocking people out or taping them, Fitch's stand up has improved and helps him get to his takedowns, which are as good as anyones (minus GSP) and his gnp is more active then most. The only improvment Kos has made is an overhand right that he loads up on and seems very telegraphed. Kos wrestling is still the same so he is the same guy for the most part as well. However I believe FItch put up the better fight against GSP then Kos did and with the wins for me that makes me want to see that rematch and I think Fitch would be a better coach as well.

I still think the more competitive fight with GSP would be Paulo Thiago, however the loss to Fitch threw a wrench into that mess and IMO they wouldn't have made Thiago a coach on TUF because he doesn't speak english well if at all.
5/26/10 3:28:48AM
DW said Rampage did the right thing by making A-Team.
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