Dana White talks GSP vs BJ, Junie and more

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10/15/08 5:23:24AM

Check the left sideof the screen, for the 14th of october radio interview
10/15/08 7:10:25AM
score again for Dana. I like him more every day. Props Dana.
10/15/08 8:40:29AM
LMFAO @ Tito and EliteXC being "perfect for eachother." I can't help but like Dana and I respect what he's done with the business bringing all of us great mma for the past 10 years.
The global projects peaked my interstests, as well as the event in Dubai.
Also, he said that the A.Silva type fighter wasn't Junie.
10/15/08 11:09:02AM
Thanks for this! Props!
10/15/08 11:23:21AM
Dana is the man !!
10/15/08 11:28:35AM

Posted by tuvok500

Dana is the man !!

Agreed. I've officially put my $1000 deposit down to reserve my space on his nuts.
10/15/08 12:37:11PM
Did he say they didn't have to airbrush Rachelle for Playboy?

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