Dana White talks Greasegate, UFC 97, Toronto and 100

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2/20/09 4:01:07PM

LONDON - UFC president Dana White says Canadian fighter Georges St. Pierre was illegally greased during his UFC 94 win over B.J. Penn last month.

"Do I think that he got greased? Yeah, I do," White told The Canadian Press prior to the UFC 95 weigh-in Friday at the Dominion Theatre. "Absolutely, 100 per cent, I think that that guy was rubbing grease on him.

"Do I think Georges was trying to cheat? Absolutely not at all. But that cornerman was rubbing grease on him. You cannot do that."

2/20/09 4:19:05PM
Regardless that there was grease on the cornermans gloves I dont think he was intentionally trying to cheat. Come on, there are cameras everywhere and it would be too risky. I doubt he would make up a fake story that he is a witch doctor and that is his breathing technique.
2/20/09 7:26:55PM
i really dont think GSP was trying to cheat his corner man yes...I also watched the tape and GSP had no cuts on him at all so there was no reason for his cornerman to be rubbing it all over his shoulders...also i hope ufc 100 lives up to the hype everyone is making it oput to be...
2/20/09 8:17:39PM
we already know big 3 main events

gsp vs alves
hendo vs bisping
evans vs rampage/machida

or randy couture vs cro cop/ big nog
big nog vs cro cop
2/20/09 8:40:37PM
"And I'm going to do Toronto right. When we get it, we're going to do a serious, serious card in Toronto. It's going to be big."

It'll be so nice to see a UFC card in my hometown. I've seen events in Montreal, Ohio and Vegas but to see a show at the Rogers Center would be insane.
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