Dana White Speaks on Charles "Mask" Lewis' Death

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3/13/09 5:44:32AM
Dana White speaks on Charles "Mask" Lewis passing

Dana had a lot of fantastic things to say about Mask as a person, as a businessman, and a glimpse into the beginning of their friendship.
3/13/09 7:15:27AM
Yeah I was watchin some past UFC blogs and it really seemed like Dana and Mask were closer than I'd thought I mean I knew they did buisness but like they really got along too bad man makes you think.
3/13/09 5:33:51PM
When Tapout first really blew up I hated it. Every Joe Schmo was rocking it and I always thought it was tacky. (Not the fighters, the fans.) But after when I heard their story of how they came up and how they finally broke through the noise I couldn't help but respect they dudes.
3/14/09 4:03:07AM
These guys have helped a lot of struggling fighters with sponsorships, etc,etc.....I hope they continue to do so, as tribute to 'Mask'
3/23/09 11:58:54AM
RIP Charles
you will be missed
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