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12/21/10 4:09:42PM
donation to save a girl's life.

12/21/10 4:54:54PM
I think it's great Dana went ahead and payed for this but in relation to what he makes this is probably like an ordinary guy giving $50 in charity which of course is still a good thing which is why I applaud his actions.
12/21/10 5:01:15PM
Makes me love the guy even more.
12/21/10 5:07:15PM
Got to love Dana when he goes an does things like this!
12/21/10 6:13:27PM
Read about this over on Middleeasy...chose not to post it though because "that guy" always shows up in this sort of threads. It's still early though, so (s)he is still due for a visit.
12/21/10 8:21:27PM
Dana is a decent person and one of the hardest working human beings on the planet , I think often gets a bad rap,but hey he is a promoter and people tend to forget it's his job to mislead now and again.
12/22/10 11:13:25AM
Go Dana like you even more than before
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