Dana White Says Lyoto Machida Is Fighting Dan Henderson Next

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9/17/12 9:20:27AM
I find this a little disheartening. LHW is not exactly overflowing with contenders. I know Gus and Tex will both be right there, imo, but Dana is basically punishing Machida and Hendo for his own screw-ups. Rashad not getting his title shot forever was also party a Dana screw-up. Machida got his fight with Jones because Dana was already talking about Jones-Evans before Evans had been cleared by doctors. Even though it hadn't ever been officially announced, Dana felt he had to keep Jones on that particular card because it wasn't very strong otherwise and because he'd already been talking about Jones being on the card. At the time, Machida was on a 1-fight win streak, with his win being over a retiring Couture. Similarly here, Dana was talking about Jones-Machida II at 152 before either fighter had agreed. Now, since 151 got cancelled and 152 was headlined by a Fly title fight, Dana felt the need to keep Jones on the card. As a result of Dan getting injured and Machida refusing a fight with Jones on only 4 weeks notice, one will now lose their title shot. I don't really have a problem with that on its own, but the other reason this is happening is because Dana mis-managed some cards.
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