Dana White says 'it looks like' Chris Weidman is next for Anderson Silva

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2/3/13 11:07:28AM
UFC president Dana White told the assembled media at the UFC 156 post-fight media scrum that "it looks like" Chris Weidman is next for Middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

2/3/13 11:38:56AM
Just give him the shot already. At this point there is no one else.
2/3/13 1:40:10PM
I wouldn't say there's no one else. I'd rather see Lombard personally, and Hendo probably still wants a re-match also, even though he has a fight with Lyoto already booked.

Either way, just book a fight. The Bonnar one shouldn't count so Anderson is overdue for a fight.
2/3/13 1:54:13PM
Weidman makes the most sense at this point.He poses a real threat to Andeson style wise. I hope they just sign this fight already
2/3/13 2:00:12PM
So you think Lombard is more deserving than Weidman? Or do you just want to see the fight?
2/3/13 2:31:02PM
I still want to see Silva fight Machida, come on friendship doesn't last that long anymore.
2/3/13 4:20:53PM
im just happy to see silva defending his belt to a new name and fighting in his correct weight class.
2/3/13 6:09:50PM
Just fucking say he IS the next guy in line. Enough of this "well he could be" and "maybe" shit already.
2/3/13 7:56:40PM
Give him the shot. I'm tired of hearing him bitch about it
Been months now.
2/3/13 9:16:41PM
I agree...they have been doing this for a while, at WW too with Hendricks! Here is the deal: do I think either eill dethrone their respective champs? NO. Do I think they have done enough in their division to warrant a shot? Yeah, nothing crazy but still a yes for Weidman as I think Hendricks has definately done enough. We should keep the divisions on track with this stuff. Fun fights to fill voids are cool, but the fighters deserve their rewards for winning. Even if that reward is a stank ass whoopin' from one of the greats! The only thing I fear is the comments on how 2013Tibau will be the year of the "Super fights". That could mean a lot of bad news for fighters who are not current champions. Anderson vs GSP / Jones...GSP vs Anderson...Henderson vs Melendez...could all mean that if your Weidman, Jung, Pettis, or Hendricks you may have to continue to expand your win streak to get your shot. It may also mean that in 2014 we are out of those kind of guys because someone is bound to lose.
2/4/13 12:08:16AM
You could argue based on his career that he's more deserving.

It's a question of what you value more, career performance, or recent performances. I can see both sides of the argument.

I said I'd rather see Lombard simply because that's the fight I want to see more. Not becuase I think he deserves it more.
2/4/13 12:59:32AM
I guess give it to him, but I'm still not that impressed with his resume. There are few alternatives.
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