Dana White: Randy Couture Offered Fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

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POLL: So Couture or Nog for the win?
Couture 51% (41)
Nog 49% (39)
3/6/08 10:18:37AM

Posted by Boo_Radley21
Randy isn't as respected as he is because of who he has beat or how he's beat all these guys better than nogueira. It's because of all his underdog wins and how he came back after a year retirement at 44 and kicked ass against Sylvia and Gonzaga (Both much bigger fighters). It's how he can defy the ods that makes him so popular.

And your argument will change once Randy beats Fedor up.

Agreed, couldn't have said it better myself. That is exactly how I feel, but you put it into words.

I'm not arguing that Big Nog has had no accomplishments... he is where he is because he has worked his ass off. Kudos to him for holding the belt. I also am not arguing who is better than who, or which one has the better legacy to leave behind. I'm sure if you asked both Randy and Big Nog they could probably care less who is viewed as having the better legacy, but both would be pleased to have done as much for the sport as they have.

Just because many of the people on this forum stand behind Randy, and some of them probably would rather taint Big Nog's career to make Randy's more illustrious, does not mean that anything should be held against the man himself. Then again, it is the people who call him overrated and have been proven wrong more often than not that help make his legacy stronger. It is when the doubters say he can't do something and he prevails that he becomes viewed as that much greater.

By the way, to respond to your response JJFreak... I'm not sure if you missed my point or not, but I wasn't trying to change your opinion over who was better. I was telling you that you say it "sickens" you to hear people under estimate Big Nog or call him overrated, but you at the very same time are doing the same thing with Randy. I honestly don't care, you can like who you wanna like... stand behind who you want to stand behind. Like it or not, it is contradictory to complain about people "overrating" Randy and "under estimating" Big Nog, while at the same time "overrating" Big Nog and "under estimating" Randy. You're doing the very thing you complain about other people doing... you just measure your evidence differently then they do.
3/6/08 10:42:21AM
i don't see why randy would not want to fight a top 3 heavyweight, big nog is no slotch, dana needs to weel and deal say 2 fight contract with randy one fight will be this other sign fedor to a one fight contract no title to fight fedor randy will get his wish then maybe stay with the ufc or something
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