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10/30/07 3:56:59PM
The video player to Dana White's press conference is currently available, and will shortly begin it's live broadcast. To see it live:

Click Here

Then launch either video player (600k, or 300k)

10/30/07 4:01:10PM
It is now live!
10/30/07 4:03:37PM
Anyone else experiencing severe problems with the sound?
10/30/07 4:12:40PM

Posted by TNunley

Anyone else experiencing severe problems with the sound?

I was with the 300K version. Try the 600K version, I am not having a problem with it.
10/30/07 4:14:37PM
All i get is a black screen, and no audio
10/30/07 4:54:38PM

Posted by szucconi

Posted by TNunley

Anyone else experiencing severe problems with the sound?

I was with the 300K version. Try the 600K version, I am not having a problem with it.

I tried both... it was eventually fixed.
10/30/07 4:54:49PM

Posted by TNunley

Anyone else experiencing severe problems with the sound?

I think that Dana's mic was messed up at the beginning, but they relaunched the players and it worked a lot better. The video is still crap, though.
10/30/07 4:59:26PM
dat was interesting, i stilll really cant figure out wat the **** is really goin on wit da randy shit... i hope it gets worked out so randy can fight again.
10/30/07 5:02:24PM
That was a very well done press conference. Sheds a lot of light on the situation.

Makes Randy's manager look like an idiot.
10/30/07 5:04:19PM
i have to say, I am very interested in what the response will be. Think there's any chance Randy THOUGHT he didn't get some of that money because someone imbezzled it? Yeah, I know, long shot, but none of this makes sense.
10/30/07 5:38:12PM
Well, I like the fact that they (Dana & Lorenzo) stated that they were there only because they felt like Randy damaged the company's image and they wanted to repair the damage. They came with copies of a check (supposedly the signing bonus Randy said he never got) and seemed to want to just set things right. However, the big question in all of this for the fan is whether or not Randy can fight elsewhere in 9 months. They declined to comment on the specifics of Couture's contract, which seems like to me that they feel if Couture declines to fight for the UFC and tries to go elsewhere, they will take him to court for breach of contract and they feel like they would win.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
10/30/07 5:57:29PM
it played fine for me..

i thought it was interesting. I wish Randy was sitting there too:)
10/30/07 6:45:13PM
i think the next press conference should be larenzo, dana, couture, and couture's agent face to face. Get to the bottom of this shit.
10/30/07 7:00:06PM
wow, the ufc gos wwf
10/30/07 7:31:12PM
Dana as a Child.

I am not a Dana hater, I just thought this was so funny because I seen it about ten minutes after watching the press conference.
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10/30/07 8:04:59PM
what next press conference?, there's not gonna be another one... those things just happen in your dreams...
but anyways... in the end .. i really dont know what to think anymore, i believe in randy's word.. but dana and lorenzo maked a good point... except for what they said of couture's wife,,, i read the blog she wrote and dont remember seeing the part where she believes randy couture has never been promoted by the UFC, as Dana White mention in the press conference.

i would like to see the papers that show what according to the UFC , randy couture is really making...

and other than that.. i think Dana is really mad at Fedor for not signing with the UFC,, all the comments he was doing about him they sound all dumb to me, and if thats what Dana really believes.. im glad Fedor didnt sign with them, it shows that Dana White doesnt respect the top figthers...
10/30/07 8:20:22PM
i think dana was very clear and with all the real numbers and the presence of lorenzo, it was a really good response to couture's claimming .

as for fedor, well, i have him #5 and randy #1 so everything that dana was saying about the last 5 fights of fedor was true for me, no real competition for almost 2 years now and compare to couture actual year, well, there is no argument who can make me put fedor #1 again.

and the Kim's blog was removed , so that's why his claimming are no longer there !!

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