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6/5/08 10:39:39PM
“There’s something no one else has heard. You have no idea some of the stuff that we have planned. I’m going to make an announcement next week that is going to blow people’s minds. That deal is done, but my employees don’t even know yet. I’m renting out a place next Thursday and I’m going to tell them. Then we’ll make the announcement later that day. It’s an indicator of where this business is going over the next five years.”

6/5/08 10:40:56PM
did they sell the UFC?
6/5/08 10:42:41PM
Hopefully its Japan so they they can afford to sign guys like gomi and kid.
6/5/08 10:47:07PM
im thinking its a network TV deal, my guess with be with FOX
6/5/08 10:48:14PM

Posted by juanez13

im thinking its a network TV deal, my guess with be with FOX

Those were my first thoughts
6/5/08 10:53:54PM

Posted by Jackelope

Posted by juanez13

im thinking its a network TV deal, my guess with be with FOX

Those were my first thoughts

6/5/08 11:00:39PM
The full article's already posted

6/5/08 11:04:22PM

I just put this together with my quick wit



GSP vs Silva

6/5/08 11:05:31PM
Wish it was an announcement about the video game
6/5/08 11:09:32PM
maybe they bought EXC
6/5/08 11:16:50PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

maybe they bought EXC

Haha you're funny.
6/5/08 11:22:02PM
Maybe they got a deal with Jack Daniels to goi along with the Bud Light.

I think with the majority of yinz, it could be a TV Deal..He said for the next 5-years so i dont think he's signed a certain fighter.Kinda hoping it would be a deal with someone like Spike have them air the PPV"S because if the UFC ends up like the CBS Debacle with all the "We dont want this to look brutal to save our image bullshit" i'd be dissapointed..I mean spike shows all the UFN and TUF anyways.Maybe it'll be mtv..i mean they show hot chicks making out with each other why not have some fights...But fox would imo would be the best amongst the big 3..

Possibly they are going to announce that Kalib Starnes will be inducted into the HOF.
6/5/08 11:28:24PM
I'm starting to get sick of these "huge" announcements. They are usually a let down.

Anything other than a TV deal would be another disappointment.
6/5/08 11:29:17PM

Posted by Rush

Posted by Jackelope

Posted by juanez13

im thinking its a network TV deal, my guess with be with FOX

Those were my first thoughts


Same here. And I think Xlite XC on CBS benefitted the UFC because now other networks are going to see the ratings potential for MMA, and now major networks are going to be coming to the UFC. I predict it to be soemthing like Bud Lights UFC Fight Night on FOX....or soemthing like that. Something majorly sponsored by Bud Light.
6/6/08 12:12:47AM
I think, and hope, we can rule out announcements of signing certain fighters and of showcasing fights in other countries. He said this is going to change MMA for the next five years.. I believe it could be a TV deal, though how this doesn't get leaked at all I don't know. ESPN or FOX having Fight Nights every month would allow the UFC to keep most of their talent.
6/6/08 12:15:02AM
for 5 years??
it has to be a tv deal, but i would say with that extra cash they should grab some talent to go with the deal, splurge a little!!!!!!!
i am curious to see what it is,
6/6/08 12:25:28AM
Since Dana have to tell to his employees before the public , my guess is that they sold like 25% to 49% of the company to a major sponsor like Virgin Mobile or Virgin Airline or Virgin Galactic or Virgin Entertainment , well Virgin something and they have signed a deal with FOX or ABC and the new form partnership will air the UFC event on public TV ( FOX or ABC ) .
The new partnership will allow the compagny to receive a new flow of cash and they will be able to pay fighters much better than before and they will have a new window for big sponsorships since the events are going to be on a major network .

The new name will be : UVFC , witch mean Ultimate Virgin fighter Champoinship !!! lol

6/6/08 1:12:38AM
he has to announce somthing after losing AA

Maybe its open contracts
6/6/08 5:07:20AM
Maybe they've signed, Kimbo, Fedor and the WWE up in one almighty contract.
6/6/08 6:08:33AM

Posted by 40ouncetofreedom

Possibly they are going to announce that Kalib Starnes will be inducted into the HOF.

Maybe the track and field HOF
6/6/08 8:46:48AM
So Dana is announcing that he had an announcement to make?

Next time I expect an announcement so I can get ready for the announcement of the announcmenet.
6/6/08 9:04:46AM
i think he signed a 5 year contract with probably a big fighter or somthing. or he will prbably announce more cards in canada.
6/6/08 9:08:11AM
The UFC has inked another extension with Spike.

More than likely, I'll be disappointed in this 'announcement.'
6/6/08 9:28:56AM
espn has hinted around at wanting to be in the mma game and i could definately see a deal with them. dana just did an interview with them ripping the kimbo fight card and saying how disappointed he was with espn for putting a "loser" like kimbo on the cover of the magazine. fox makes some sense too, but i dont see a major network inking a 5 year deal off the bat, this looks like a cable thing to me.
6/6/08 10:36:32AM
A TV deal sounds like the only reasonable thing to justify a announcement being "Mind-blowing"... I would really like to see them get on ESPN, but who knows... More than likely I see them signing on with FOX...

I've also heard throught the grapevine that Gomi Takinori was in the states and trained a little to fight in a cage... And the talk around the water cooler is that he might sign on to fight a rematch with BJ Penn... I have to admit this would be a huge signing and actually not disappoint me for once... Sorry guys, no source, just a rumore I read on the interweb somewhere, so take it for what it's worth...

I will say one more thing... If it's to announce the next set of coaches for TUF (after Frank and Nog) then I can't explain how dissappointed yet unsuprised I'd be...
6/6/08 10:55:27AM



yep prolly just a tv deal that means nothing to all non usa fans, good for the ufc, maybe good for the sport, but its not a huge announcement for us all to get excited about cos its not the aforementioned kind of thing
6/6/08 11:20:31AM
Ken Shamrock Vs. Tito Ortiz part 4!
6/6/08 2:38:57PM
Dana gets a sex change and becomes the first woman to fight for the UFC!?
6/7/08 8:10:26AM
dana's "mind blowing announcments" usually contain 40 year old washed up vets.

so my guess is Dana signed Dan Severn out of the old age home.
And to top it off, He's mixing the weight classes, so he'll be taking on 4 lightweights at the same time.
6/7/08 8:19:59AM
Their's a rumor going around now it's Mayweather is signing,but I just can't see it.
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