Dana White makes Nick Diaz an offer: Lyoto Machida at 185 pounds

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8/15/13 4:33:01PM

Posted by traveler77

Posted by Bubbles

could be Condit vs Diaz all over again...but I'll still watch

Absolutely right, this will be Machida dancing away and Diaz getting more and more frustrated. Our only hope is its a 3 round fight and Machida knows he has to engage more after his last fight, might be good but I doubt it.

Machida does not run. Condit ran.

Machida moves and counters. Its completely different.

And I highly doubt that Machida would be afraid of Nick's striking...or any aspect of his game. That wide open, hands down style that Nick uses would be as tempting as a steaming cup of female reporter urine for Machida and he would be all over Nick.
8/15/13 5:57:22PM

Posted by tallica62

again Phil Davis has a big win - regardless of judged right or wrong - and he's cast out of the spotlight and his opponent remains in the spotlight despite a loss... ie Gustaffson

Davis should learn some more facets to his game. I'm glad he's been "cast out of the spotlight", the guy fights like a bitch.
8/15/13 6:25:45PM
Maybe Dana forgot that Jason Miller proved Nick Diaz wants no part of the 185 pound division.
8/16/13 3:57:40PM
Agree, 185 is not a great weight for Diaz. Now Machida at 170 would be insane, but more then likely impossible. I cannot even imagine the speed of Machida at 170...

anyhow, it won't happen.
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