Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta Press Conference Tuesday

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10/29/07 6:11:24PM
Dana White, UFC® President and Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC® co-owner will hold a press conference Tuesday, October 30th, to address recent statements made by Randy Couture, and answer questions for the media. The press conference will be streamed live via UFC.com.


another press conference !!! LOL

10/29/07 7:10:23PM
WOW. if Lorenzo is getting involved this must be serious.
10/29/07 7:49:03PM

10/29/07 8:45:44PM
i think that dana have asked to have lorenzo by his side to prove that they are a team and they are together on the same page in front of couture and his side of the story.

i don't think they will do some bassing on couture or something like that but, by sitting together side by side they will have a more powerfull message and more respect by the media and the fans !!

10/29/07 10:55:52PM
The UFC has a lot to lose if they look bad in public opinion especially when they are going head to head with Couture. They need to prove that Couture wasn't taken advantage of or at least prove that for Couture, it was in fact all about the money and not the respect. I already beleive that the money was the primary factor but I think a lot of people just listen to what couture says and go with it. I already beleived that Couture was wrong to resign but now I'm starting to wonder if it's going to irreparably hurt his reputation.
10/30/07 12:47:12AM
Getting Lorenzo involved sends a message to all the other fighters (Tito) that it's a unified front they are facing too. It's not just Dana being the MMA Antichrist as some like to say!
10/30/07 7:39:56AM
Right im going to go fish that turd out of my toilet and rub into my ears in preparation for this, with the amount of absolute bullsheeet we will be going to hear this kind of training is essential as to not overload

LOL Lorenzo knew if he just let Dana do it it would be a complete "f***" fest and come off really bad, i still think it will mind
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