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10/30/07 10:07:05PM
Earlier Today, Dana White And Lorenzo Fertita Held A Press Conference Regarding The Statements Randy Couture Has Made Over The Past Couple Of Weeks.
Dana White Talks About, Randys Pay, And Even Has The Documentation To Prove It. His Relationship With The UFC Heavy Weight Champion, Talks Between The Two, And Regards To Fedor

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10/30/07 11:47:48PM
I watched the whole thing, and it seriously looked like Dana and Lorenzo wanted this whole thing over with. You could see the pure dread in Dana's words having to talk about Randy like Randy slapped Dana's mom. You know that they didn't want this. If Randy was smart, he'd stop this whole mess. If it's true about what Dana had on those financial reports, then the more Randy says things that aren't true the more people are going to loathe him.

If Randy wants to go into acting, then do both. Finish your fighting career for the fans of this sport, and when your not fighting/training, film something. After listening to Dana downplay Fedor, and knowing that if Fedor stays in M-1 his career is doomed. I'm now more interested in seeing Nogueira and Randy more than Fedor. Randy needs to fire this Hollywood agent, because he's not helping anything. If Randy really doesn't see anything else in his future but Fedor, then he won't mind retiring. This way we can move on with a new Heavyweight Champion, and Randy can go off and become the next Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

I am wondering though if they'll be able to show the documents of Randy's financials status on the internet. There was a guy from MMAWeekly.com there, so hopefully they will show it, because it needs to be public knowledge.
10/31/07 12:13:25AM

Posted by Scott_Revels

I am wondering though if they'll be able to show the documents of Randy's financials status on the internet.

10/31/07 12:52:47AM
Yeah, I saw it later after the post.. It's not that credible a document.
10/31/07 1:09:08AM
Gotta admit....good ol' Randy is coming off as the bad guy in this one.
10/31/07 1:12:22AM

Posted by jae_1833

Gotta admit....good ol' Randy is coming off as the bad guy in this one.

That is exactly what Dana is good at though...he won't directly say bad things about Couture, but rather spin it in a way for you to draw that conclusion.
10/31/07 1:23:07AM
Look on MMANEWS.com for a complete list and photo's of all the paperwork they gave out at that conference regarding Randy's pay though. It's the 1st thing in the UFC news list there.
10/31/07 1:25:52AM
Either way it's just stupid, he should fight Nog and then AA or someone.
10/31/07 1:29:24AM
10/31/07 1:55:20AM
At first I was pissed with the UFC about not getting a deal done for Couture vs. Fedor. I still think Dana whines a bit too much and I don't agree with his comment about Fedor not being a top 5 heavyweight. With that said, Randy is looking like the punk here. C'mon, you're making a shit load of money. Shut your mouth and fight. As a fighter Randy is one of my favs but if the #'s are accurate about what he was making, its your same story of an athlete being greedy. Puts a little grey cloud over Randys legend status, imo
10/31/07 8:36:18AM
Am I the only one who seems to have sound problems with the first several minutes of that press conference? It seemed as if their mics were up too loud, and the only time I can hear anything they are saying is when they are not speaking directly into the mic.
10/31/07 7:39:55PM
Randy said it himself. He feels Fedor is the only logical competitor left to fight. He also said that if the deal went through with Fedor, He was going to demand a higher income than Fedor, from the UFC. It fell through. The day after Fedor signed with M-1, Randy sent his resignation to the UFC, via Fax. He said that since it fell through, he saw no more point in fighting, so he would resign. He said he would concentrate on his film career, franchising his gym, and marketing his xtreme couture clothing line. There were all of his plans. Not one of them is pursued, without the goal of making money. IMO Randy only wants to market himself, and his name, for the purpose of making money. I believe the UFC is less to blame than Randy in this situation.
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