Dana White to issue apology for angry tirade

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4/3/09 1:13:51AM
UFC president Dana White is expected to release shortly a new video on the UFC's YouTube page to apologize for his angry tirade against journalist Loretta Hunt.
White was asked by a blogger for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to apologize for misogynistic and anti-gay slurs. According tothe glaadBLOG, White has said he has "never intended to hurt the gay community."

All this came from yesterday's UFC Fight Night 18 blog, which was pulled earlier today.

It was business as usual at first for the blog, a popular video series for behind-the-scene access into UFC events, until the final three minutes of the seven-and-a-half-minute blog. That's when White chews out Hunt, a longtime mixed martial arts writer who co-wrote Randy Couture's autobiography and currently writes for Sherdog.com.

Hunt's article "Some Managers, Agents Lose Backstage Pass" published the same day on Sherdog.com obviously struck a nerve with White.

"So I just heard that there was another absolutely f--kin' retarded story written by Loretta Hunt," White said in the video.

"Loretta, you f--kin' moron. It has always been the policy at the UFC that the fighters get so many credentials, and they can credential whoever the f--k they want. It can be their manager... whoever they want to have in the back with them, they can credential.

"And you are such a f--kin' genious, I actually -- totally off track here. I heard your interview that you did too where you said Rich Frankin was our posterboy and we were trying not to get him beat by Matt Lindland and all that f--kin' s--t too. And that's why he fought Anderson f--kin' Silva twice, because we were trying to protect f--kin' Rich Franklin to save him. Rich Franklin has fought the best fighters in the world, and the only reason why I'm talking about this [is] just to show how f--kin' dumb you are, number one. And it's always been our policy. Always, since f--kin' day one.

"And you also put in the article apparently that, you know, I used to manage Tito [Ortiz and Chuck [Liddell]. Yeah, you want to know what happened when I managed Tito and Chuck? When I went to their UFC fights, I bought my own tickets. I paid for my tickets to go to the UFC and never was I allowed to go back there -- why the f--k do I need to be in the back for if I'm his manager? What am I back there holding mitts for them while they're warming up? Am I back there talking strategy? No I've done all the f--king business deals before they go there and my work is done. I go there and I watch the f--kin' fight. Okay, I don't need to be in the f--kin' back. And if I needed to be in the back that bad, then one of those guys would have credentialed me to get in the back. They would have used me as one of the credentials that they would get.

"Okay? 90 percent of the time these fighters don't want their f--kin' managers in the back. You don't even know what the f--k you're talking about, and to write a story and say 'here's a quote from a guy who wanted to remain anonymous because of fear of reperussions from the'...Shut the f--k up. Any ******' guy that won't put his name on the -- first of all. Whoever gave you that quote is a p-ssy, and a f--kin' f----t, and a f--kin' liar and everything else whoever gave you that quote. Or maybe it's you Loretta, maybe you're the liar, writing bulls--t f--kin' stories. Everything that comes out of your mouth is f--kin' stupid. Okay? What else?

"Why would I give a s--t who represents who? Yeah there's no doubt, there are some guys out there, that are managers who are absolute sleezy, dirty f--kin' scumbags. Absolutely, there's a lot of them. But there's a lot of guys out there that are a lot of good guys who manage them too, who I have no problem with. Who you f--kin' ask to manage you doesn't bother me one bit. Ask f--kin' 'Rampage' Jackson, okay? Ask 'Rampage' Jackson if I ever said anything about his f--kin' managers or anybody who represented him.

"Hey Loretta, if you're going to write a story, you f--kin' moron, at least make sure it's f--kin' true and you have some facts. And if you're going to put some f--kin' quotes in there? Get some f--kin' quotes from someone who have at least the f--kin' balls to put their f--kin' name on it. I mean how do you write a story from a guy who f--kin' -- it's like hey, like those interviews when they f--kin' put a black thing over the guy's face and changed his voice and s--t. You f--kin' dumb b--ch. F--k you Loretta Hunt."

In an interview with FoxSports.com, Hunt said she does not take any of White's attacks personally, as "whenever a journalist does a story, there's a chance the subject is not going to like it."

However, Hunt will stand by the accuracy of the story.

"It's accurate," Hunt told FoxSports.com. "I'm not going to deny he made a personal attack against me and my credibility. But more than anything, I think it's an attempt to create a distraction from the story I wrote."
4/3/09 1:48:26AM
dana white is one funny fuker. he can do and say whatever he wants this sport might not even be around anymore in america if it wasn't for him and his rich buddies.
he shouldn't apologize for sh it
4/3/09 1:56:28AM
Gimmie a break.The bleeding hearts want Dana to apologize because he said "f*ggot" on camera.Who cares?This is a free country.He didn't say it on public TV.Last time I checked,this was the United States of America,and we have a little thing called the 1st Amendment.Maybe GLAAD should read it sometime.

Political correctness is killing this country.

4/3/09 1:58:16AM
Never been a huge fan of Hunt but Dana may have taken that one a bit far. It definetly deserves an apology.

Dana is awesome though love the Rich Franklin quote it's so true.
4/3/09 2:36:16AM
Ugh... the bigger the UFC gets the more this stuff is gonna happen unless Dana learns to censor himself.

Talking smack on a video blog might get all the 16-24 boys excited, but once you achieve a certain level of public persona you just become an idiot when you talk like that. I don't have a problem with the "anti-gay" remarks because he didn't mean them in that way. What bothers me is that someone who is the major spokesman for the sport I love is so stupid as to talk like that. I want some who represents the sport, not someone who represents a high school smack-talking beef.

Dana is a businessmen and a celebrity. He should know better. If he doesn't know better then he is stupid. If he does know better and just cant help himself then he needs to get out of the limelight before he really lets his mouth get him in trouble.

4/3/09 2:36:36AM
Here's his apology, posted just a couple minutes ago:
Apparently he supports gay rights unless he's angry.

For those of you who missed what happened, here's the article Loretta Hunt wrote:

And here is Dana's angry rant about the article:
4/3/09 6:48:17AM
Just because he's been a major reason for the success of MMA in general and the UFC in particular does not excuse him from using homophobic and misogynist rhetoric to question and attack an editorial written by a journalist. There are much better and more professional ways to discredit injurious articles like the one Loretta Hunt wrote. As the face of the business side of MMA, Dana White needs to adopt a media-friendly persona.

As for the language he used, I guess it's a matter of philosophy whether or not anybody believes the terms used were defamatory towards any sort of social groups or just a man venting anger in an over-the-top and stupid manner. I tend to believe that using those terms in pejorative ways stigmatizes the groups they're associated with, so I agree with GLAAD's call for an apology.
4/3/09 7:06:05AM
Sorry guys, but this is becoming a political thread and they're not allowed here.

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