Dana White hints UFC signing heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko now unlikely

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7/31/09 3:27:32PM
Despite perhaps the most advanced negotiations ever between the two parties, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is unlikely to sign Fedor Emelianenko to a UFC deal.

UFC president Dana White today suggested he gave his best effort but that ultimately even offering Emelianenko "the most amazing deal" wasn't enough.

7/31/09 3:41:07PM
Meh, Fedor is now irrelevant... No company can afford him and why would they want to... I'm over it... Wasting his prime, when he finally gets to the UFC he will have a loss and be much cheaper, and be beaten by all the young guns... Oh what could have been
7/31/09 3:55:23PM
Have fun beating cans out in Japan.

He's still in the top 5 P4P rankings, but for how long will he stay if he isn't facing any formiddable opponents?
7/31/09 4:16:02PM
This is really shitty news I was hoping to see Fedor in the octagon!
7/31/09 6:49:24PM
save your money dana ufc fans are glad right now that belfort is back as well as tito ortiz
7/31/09 7:48:11PM
OK, let me go out and say that he should not be in the top 5 fighters or even heavyweights in the world. i think to be honored by such rankings you should have to want to fight the best in the world, (not because of money). I understand the ufc has not made it easy for him to do so, but it's also as much his own fault and for this he should be removed slowly from the rankings when he beats his next few former ufc fighters, or former talanted fighters.(only then do i think he would consider taking a pay cut to get his glory and respect back)

let me also say i do think fedor could beat brock and randy, but we will never know so he should be treated as if he is to afraid to take those fights.
7/31/09 8:16:34PM
I too am disapointed by all this...I think M1 really is trying to cash in on the UFC's blood sweat and tears by getting to co promote...yes Fedro is one of if not the best fighter out there but the American public for the most part has no clue who he is...so he can't really demand ridiculous things when the reality is he can't back it up with the buys...Fedro has fought in four major promotions all of which no longer exist...
8/1/09 1:57:47AM
Fedor =

He should be ashamed.
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