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POLL: What do you think about Dana
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7/13/07 8:22:50PM
First off
What does everyone think about DANA WHITE???

cause from what i read in all the forums, it seems like every one hates his guts.

IMO, Does he make mistakes, ya but he is also the hardest working man in mma. Think about it, he is trying to bring back pride or make sure he keeps all the A class fighters, He is trying to promote WEC and get that bigger, and he is still running the UFC. He is working on countless tv signings- ufc on ESPN HBO, more T.V. coverage for WEC, and trying to get a T.V. deal set up in Japan and america for pride. More deals with - THQ(ufc game), signing new fighters, organizing events, promoting events, the list keeps going but everyone still seems to hate his guts.


Everyone should be kissing his white a**, remember where mma was 5 or 6 years ago. Now look at it today mainstream coverage, one or two pay per view events every month, 90% of the top mma fighters fight for UFC or will be soon, Fight Nights and reality shows on t.v. constantly, but everyone hates him.

7/13/07 10:02:56PM
First of all, read this thread that was posted on heavily in the last couple days

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Then read this one

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And, please, before you think I am just being a jerk about this please read this thread....

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