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7/10/08 9:11:44AM
LAS VEGAS – Dana White offered a cocksure laugh borne from battles past; proof that the business of cage fighting can be as cutthroat and unforgiving as the sport itself.

“It’s about how much pain are you willing to take,” the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship said last week.

7/10/08 10:01:52AM
Very interesting article.It's so hard for me to guess at what will happen in MMA's future,but I think the UFC will be on top for a while to come.I think in the long run it comes down to what the fighters decide to do though.The UFC promotes the UFC,and the UFC alone.Affliction promotes the fighters(via T-shirts),which naturaly the fighters seem to like.
But now Zuffa is wising up a little to that,and their going to make action figures,etc.Probably in hopes of compensating the fighters for lost sponsoring they get from a company like Affliction.But then i'm also reading Zuffa wants to retain the right to promote fighters even after their contracts are are over and retain their likenesses etc,so if that's 100 % true,who would want to sign that piece of paper????????????
I can't really say alot on the subject,and I think their's people on these boards that are more knowledgable on this topic than me,but at the end of the day I see the promoter who offers the most money winning over the top talent.Or for the most part anyway.
With guys like Donald Trump and Mark Cuban in the game,it's only a matter of time before we see two fighters getting well over a million a piece for a fight,and I think once that happens,fighters will flock towards that promoter.

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