Dana White: Brandon Vera is ‘not the same fighter’

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10/16/08 1:20:39PM
As soon as he had a few wins and all the money got involved and his new contract and his ex-manager and all that bullshit, he’s changed. He’s not the same fighter he was. He needs to put all that shit behind him and he’s needs to come back and be the cocky, crazy Brandon Vera that I met a few years ago. That kid needs to come back. It seems that now the money’s involved, he doesn’t take chances like he used to, he doesn’t let his hands go like he used to. He’s got to come back and be the old Brandon Vera.”

UFC President Dana White hopes to see the old Brandon Vera return against Keith Jardine at UFC 89: “Bisping vs. Leben” at The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, this weekend. “The Truth” was undefeated before getting mired in an ugly contract dispute with the promotion and former manager Mark Dion, which kept him on the sidelines for more than a year. He returned to action only to lose to Tim Sylvia via unanimous decision and then Fabricio Werdum via controversial first round technical knockout stoppage. After the two losses at heavyweight, Vera took a 205-pound fight against Reese Andy at UFC Fight Night 14 back in July. He won the bout with a decision but didn’t look very sharp while doing it, attributing the lackluster performance to the weight cut. Broken Hand, bad stoppage and weight cut: All reasons (and not saying they aren’t valid) Vera has used to explain his three most recent performances … none of which include money. Let’s see which Brandon Vera shows up on October 18 and whether or not White may be onto something or Vera has indeed been the victim of misfortune.

10/16/08 1:30:23PM
i definitly agree that Vera is not the same fighter but i think this fight will be his wake up call. he didn't look good against Andy which i think had to do with the weight cut more than anything else. also he is getting to fight a big name in Jardine and that alone should give him the motivational boost he needs.

10/16/08 2:25:15PM
I hope the Vera of old shows up Saturday. I relly like to watch him fight but he has been a disappointment. GO VERA kick Jardine's butt.
10/16/08 2:42:32PM
I miss the old Vera as well, not the cocky act but the aggressive and well rounded fighter that was once a top prospect. If Vera thinks the cut to 205 is going to make things easier on him he is in for a rude awakening because that division is full of guys who would love to take him out. After looking weak against Andy I hope he can regain some of his strength and make the cut easier for this fight, if he doesn't I see Jardine taking him apart. Greg Jackson always brings the great game plan and Vera got tko'd (albeit in controversial fashion) by Werdum, a guy not really known for being an excellent striker. Regardless this is one match-up I'm very excited to see as both guys are in must win situations to be contention.
10/16/08 3:43:33PM
I was thinking the same thing that dana thinks. I think this is a wake up call in a bad way for vera. Once jardine lays a beatdown on vera.
10/16/08 3:58:51PM
win or lose, jardine does seem to always show up the same....that much is certain.

vera on the other hand does not.

i think in the end though, even the vera in the past two fights could still beat jardine. If he shows of old, then it'll be a dominant fight.
We'll see.
10/16/08 6:15:12PM
Dana pretty much hit the nail on the head. I just get the feeling that Vera would rather be doing something else. Like modeling boxers or something.

I'm picking Vera with the hope that he's putting his heart into this one. He has a lot to win and a lot to lose in this fight. With a win he could start his trek to the upper echelon og LHW's and make even more money. He seems like the type of guy the UFC would like to have as a champion because he's very marketable and charismatic.

I'm going to be paying close attention to the weigh-ins for this fight. If he looks cut and lean then this fight is a no-brainer. If he comes in looking like a wad of pizza dough again then I'm going to hink this pick over a little bit. Then again he just might have one of those body types that just can't get ripped up.

10/16/08 7:06:47PM

Posted by kasual

Greg Jackson always brings the great game plan and Vera got tko'd (albeit in controversial fashion) by Werdum, a guy not really known for being an excellent striker.

Werdum didn't tko Vera because he is a good striker. He tko'd him because he is excellent at BJJ, and was able to mount Vera, and from there he pounded him out. Vera wasn't able to escape because of Werdums JJ, and the fact that he gave up alot of weight in that fight.
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