Dana White: If Baroni knocks Frank out I’ll bring him back in 2 seconds!

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2/20/07 2:49:29PM
2/20/07 5:55:45PM
i would love to see him back in the UFC. a fight against Leben would be nice, that just immediately sticks out in my head.
2/21/07 12:25:27PM
After Leben you could go up to Swick if he wins and down to Sell if he loses. Lots of interesting match ups there now.
2/21/07 12:43:27PM
it was a great interview with dana but whats the deal with his hate for frank and how did linland **** him over ???
2/21/07 12:55:02PM
Yeah apparently MAtt Lindland wore some shirt to a weigh in................................

But i dont see that being bad. What i see has bad was when Sam Hoegar took a Can of Xyience for the Weigh in with Lyoto.
2/21/07 9:26:10PM
I'd love to see Phil back in the UFC but he needs to leave that damn Hammer House. They're not doing anything good for anybody.

I like that Dana wants Page to get another warm-up fight

Other than that, not a lot of interesting stuff. Some surprisingly friendly answers and some not so surprisingly unfriendly ones (about boxing promoters).
A good read though.

2/21/07 10:48:51PM
I hope Dana does bring back Baroni. I love having the BAd guy fighters around. It just makes the sport awesome. Its liek the WWE shit except it is so much more entertaining cuz you know 2 guys really ******* hate each other.
2/22/07 3:25:02PM
Baroni Vs. tito? There's money rght there. Battle of the Bad Boys
2/22/07 9:34:58PM
mirko vs. chuck possibly? sounds interesting.
7/9/07 9:27:34PM
Baroni vs okami sounds kind of cool If he was brought back to the UFC.

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