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12/27/08 6:30:40PM
Dana was recently at MMAfanhouse answering a bunch of online questions, and it was pretty interesting. He touched on many topics such as, Chuck turning down a fight with Matt Lindland, the prospect of Fedor in the UFC, promoting Lyoto Machida, and much more...well anyways here's the entire transcript.

[Comment From John]
Will the Rampage vs. Wanderlei winner get the next shot against the Forrest vs. Rashad winner?
3:38 Dana White: It's a possibility. The hard part is there's so many talented guys at 205 and so many deserving that it's tough to pick. That's why it's the funnest division in MMA.

3:38 [Comment From Frederick]
Following some unfortunate injuries in your last event I was wondering is medical coverage for injuries in the octagon something that is guaranteed to every fighter who competes for the UFC.
3:38 Dana White: Absolutely. Everybody in the UFC is medically covered. Obviously, you're talking about Corey Hill. He got surgery we paid for and we'll pay for rehab. The answer is hell yes.

3:38 [Comment From Mike]
Dana when will the UFC be coming back to Chicago. Chicago has a huge UFC following, and cant wait for another UFC night.
3:39 Dana White: July.

3:39 [Comment From Mark]
Forrest vs. Rampage was my choice for fight of the year. What’s your choice?
3:39 Dana White: That was a good fight. 2008 kicked ass. It's so hard to pick a Fight of the Year. I loved Miguel Torres and Yoshiro Maeda. That fight was awesome. There were so many great fights.

3:40 [Comment From Conrad]
Do you wish Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had been enemies during The Ultimate Fighter, like Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz? I think that would have made their fight tomorrow seem like more of a grudge match.
3:40 Dana White: I don't care about stuff like that. Guys don't have to hate each other to fight each other. They can act civil to each other, but I guarantee tomorrow night when they step into the Octagon you'll think they hate each other.

3:40 [Comment From Mitch]
When UFC shows from England are on Spike, why are they only shown on tape delay and not live on American TV?
3:41 Dana White: Because of the time difference, it's tough to do them live coming straight from the UK. It's tough to do. But when Rich Franklin fights Dan Henderson on pay-per-view on January 17, you can get that fight live on pay-per-view at the time it goes off in Ireland and then it'll be shown again at the regular time we do US pay-per-views. But we can't do that on Spike.

3:42 [Comment From Ed]
Will UFC really ever gain the popularity of a mainstream sport? Some will argue it's already at that point, but I wouldn't quite go that far. I'm talking about will there ever be an MMA show where a really crazy anticipated fight would be scheduled in the same way Pacquiao vs De La Hoya did for boxing?
3:43 We're not there yet but I think we will. People say I'm a f---ing lunatic but I think it'll be the biggest sport in the world in the next 10 years. I know it's going to be the biggest sport in the world in the next 10 years.

3:43 [Comment From matt]
how come okami vs. lister is not on the main card?
3:44 Dana White: Because we've got three big fights on this main card. The fact that anyone's asking that question goes to show what kind of cards we put on. When the fights are great we try to get them on TV that night. If not, go on UFC.com the next day to watch it.

3:44 [Comment From Chris Shields]
Is the UFC scheduled to appear in more Europe locations such as Germany in 2009?
3:44 Yes. We've been very vocal about moving out in other countries. We'll dfinitely be in Germany in 2009.

3:44 [Comment From HECTOR]
3:45 Dana White: I don't think so. We brought in Brock Lesnar because he's a great wrestler, he's a big guy, I thought he should have taken some fights in some smaller shows, but he assured me he was ready and I believed him and he was right, thank God. I don't know how many people can cross over and do what Lesnar has done. I don't think there's many out there.

3:45 [Comment From MikeintheD]
When is the UFC going to come to Detroit? Alot of great UFC fans here dying to see a live event. Please come to the D!
3:45 Dana White: We want to go to Detroit. It's been on our radar a long time. We'll be there soon.

3:46 [Comment From Anthony Cazares]
When can we see the UFC in LA California?
3:46 Dana White: We've been talking about it, possibly Staples, but Vegas is only 45 minutes away.

3:46 [Comment From Sherman]
Dana, is the UFC serious about expanding to the philippines? And if so, what role will fighters such as Brandon Vera and Philippe Nover play?
3:47 Dana White: Yes, we're dead serious about the Philippines. We have a great TV deal there. I don't know how soon we'll be there, but when we do, those two will definitely play a big role.

3:47 [Comment From james from the uk]
whos next for anderson silvia?
3:47 Dana White: I haven't talked to Anderson yet. I tried to get him to fight the next fight over in London but he wants more time to get ready. I can't say 100 percent right now. But I think his next fight will be at 185 not 205.

3:47 [Comment From Jason Rice]
How far is Lyoto Machida from a title shot?
3:48 Dana White: There's just so many guys in line who are so talented in that division. Like I said before, that's what makes the division the best in MMA.

3:48 [Comment From Steve]
Since UFC 100 is coming up, are there any special plans to promote an anniversary fight ?????
3:48 Dana White: People ask me that all the time and we just got together to talk about it. Every card we do, this card is so stacked, and all the cards we do. I don' t know how much more we coudl stack a card for 100, but we're trying to do something to make UFC 100 special.

3:49 [Comment From DMD]
any chance of the UFC coming to Philly? Talk about the perfect city for the UFC
3:49 Dana white: yes, definitely. We might bring a pay-per-view or a Fight Night. We've wanted to do Phillly for a long time.

3:49 [Comment From Amber]
Is there anyone out there that can challenge the Spider in his weight class?
3:50 I say it all the time, I think Anderson is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Our 185-pound division is stacked, but he makes it look like it's not. 2009 is going to be interesting to see if he can dominate that weight division -- and maybe 205.

3:50 [Comment From Josef]
Dana, any chance we will see another UFC tournament, like the HW one? I really think it's exciting and that was one thing I loved about PRIDE. Thanks!
3:50 Dana White: When ever things work out that way and we can do it, I like it too. It just depends on how everything works out.

3:51 [Comment From JT]
How long do you anticipate it will be before MMA is sanctioned in New York?
3:51 Dana White: I'm very confident that we'll get sanctioned in New York in 2009 and hold an event there in 2009.

3:51 [Comment From Lenny Vineham]
Do you feel Thales Leites is a 'legit' opponent for Anderson Silva, and why?
3:51 Dana White: Absolutely. Thales is a tough guy with a great record. I think he's ready.

3:52 Dana White: I wouldn't put anyone in front of Anderson Silva that I didn't think was ready.

3:52 [Comment From John]
is there any chance of bringing Robbie Lawler back to the UFC
3:52 Dana White: Robbie's under contract with another company, but if things work out I'd love to bring him back.

3:52 [Comment From Salomon]
When the winner between Mir/Nogeira will fight Brock?
3:52 Dana White: Probably in this spring or early summer.

3:53 [Comment From Homer]
Dana, I was just wondering why the UFC doesnt absorb the WEC completely into one organization. Is it a TV deal that you have to wait out? Thanks
3:53 Dana White: We have a deal with the WEC with Versus network, and we like keeping it separate. It's a lot of work for us to do all those weight classes.

3:53 [Comment From Anthony Cazares]
Please DO NOT bring Tito back...
3:54 Dana White: I have no intention of bringing him back. I don't think he's at the level for the UFC anymore. But I never say never either.

3:54 [Comment From john s]
Will Ken ever get back in the game?
3:54 Dana White: No, Ken Shamrock is a legend who helped build the industry. Ken always has my respect but no.

3:54 [Comment From Bryan]
in the future do you think we would be able to see a Fedor Vs Lesnar match
3:54 Dana White: God, I hope so. That's not up to me. I can only try so much. There's only so much I can do.

3:55 [Comment From Monty]
Have you thought about getting Randy Couture to fight the loser of Noguera & Mir, then let Couture fight for the title if he wins for a possible swansong?
3:55 Dana White: That's a possibility, absolutely. Randy hasn't told me exactly what he wants to do yet so I'm waiting to hear from him. I thought he looked great in his last fight.

3:55 [Comment From Calvin]
Dana, any chance for a 220lb division? With huge guys like Carwin and Brock, do you think the smaller HWs like Randy, etc need a seperate division, and then you remove the weight limit from the HW one?
3:56 Dana White: Obviously, Randy knew that he was too small for heavyweight, that's why he moved down. But then he saw a weak heavyweight diviison at one point to take out Tim Sylvia. He knew Sylvia was weak and knew he could beat him. But the reality is the guys in the heavyweight division are 240-plus. Sylvia is taller than Lesnar and weighs the same as Lesnar.

3:57 [Comment From Andy Goodall]
Any chance of seeing Babalu back?
3:57 Dana White: I don't dislike Babalu. If he gets some good wins, we'd never say never.

3:57 [Comment From Big Rey]
How can I go about trying out for the UFC?
3:58 Dana White: Fight in the smaller shows, get noticed, get three or more fights under your belt, and then try out for The Ultimate Fighter.

3:58 [Comment From mel]
will the ufc ever promote female mma?
3:59 Dana White: It's a possibility. The big problem is there's not enough good women to create a whole division. Do we like Gina Carano? Yes. We think she's talented, we think she's pretty. Joe Silva, our matchmaker, says very pretty. So yes, we like her. It's not that I ever said, "Absolutely not," it's just the reality of not having enough to have the whole division.

3:59 [Comment From gerardo]
what probability come to puerto rico with your events and greate fithers
4:00 Dana White: We have a fan base down there. It's a possibility. The possibilities are endless. We'll go everywhere on this planet eventually.

4:00 [Comment From Harry]
Dana, can you give us the truth about the Tito vs Dana White boxing match? Was it you or him who pulled out? Thanks
4:00 Dana White: Do you think if I was lying, Tito wouldn't be all over that? Trust me, I didn't pull out of that. Believe me, my whole staff heard that.

4:01 Special from Lorenzo Fertitta:

I heard the message from Tito first hand that he's the one who pulled out.

4:02 [Comment From Robert]
Hey Dana what do I have to do to get a job working for the UFC
4:02 Dana White: That's the question I get the most. Send your resume to info@ufc.com. Attention: Craig Borfari

4:02 [Comment From Chris]
How many requests for jobs do you get a day?
4:02 Dana White: A lot. It's crazy how many. That's by far the most asked question I get.

4:03 [Comment From Jamaal]
Dana, are you ever going to do commentating for any fights?
4:03 Dana White: No, I'll leave that to the professionals.

4:03 [Comment From scott]
when is chuck fighting next
4:03 Dana White: Chuck wants to fight probably in March. We don't know who he'll fight. I think Chuck said something about Keith Jardine.

4:04 [Comment From SPC Balis]
Will EVan Tanner Be inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame?
4:04 Dana White: That's a good question. I'm not sure. I couldn't answer that yet.

4:04 [Comment From Rob]
How do you reply to those fighters who say the purse sizes are too small? What is the average purse size for a championship bout? what is Forrest earnign tofight Rashed?
4:04 Dana White: People who say purses are too small don't know what they are. The fighters make a lot of money. In the economy that we're living in right now, those guys are making more f---ing money than Wall Street.

4:05 [Comment From Dan K]
How many fighter will be featured in the upcoming UFC video game?
4:05 Dana White: Off the top of my head I don't know. But a lot, and all your favorites.

4:05 [Comment From Kerry]
You seem like a nice guy. Why do you feel compelled to say f**K this and F**K that all the time? Yikes!
4:06 Dana White: How much I swear doesn't determine how nice a guy I am. That's just how I talk. I don't understand how people are offended by a word. F--ing get over it.

4:06 [Comment From greenseed]
UFC in western canada? has this been persued? thoughts?
4:06 Dana White: We're working on opening up all the provinces in Canada. Canada is a great market for us. After we get everything in the US done we'll really focus on Canada and all the provences.

4:07 [Comment From Andrew]
Is there a chance GSP will fight at the Montreal Card? If he beats BJ Penn, could the fight with Thiago Alves be in Montreal?
4:07 Dana White: Possibly. He could fight in Montreal. I'm not saying yes, not a guarantee, but he could.

4:07 Dana White: By the way, Anderson Silva is fighting in Canada, I can just now give you the offficial answer, it's true.

4:07 [Comment From cathy]
what up with Matt Hughs
4:08 Dana White: It's been prolonged because of his knee, and now Matt Serra's wife just had a baby. It'll definitely be this summer.

4:08 [Comment From Chris Shields]
How far is Franklin from a 205 title shot?
4:09 Dana White: Obviously, a win over Henderson is a big win for Rich. If Rich beats Henderson he's in the mix. There's just so many talented guys at 205 who are deserving. But beating Henderson is big.

4:10 [Comment From Guest]
Dana: What was the total amount collected for the Intrepid Center for our injured vets?
4:10 Dana White: $4.5 million.

4:10 [Comment From cathy]
why dont you have the reality show more often We love that show, Hated JUNIE
4:12 Dana White: The thing about Junie, he disrespected all these guys, but if I had kicked him off, he would have gone home and claimed he could have won the whole thing. I'd rather see those guys in the house fight him. I'll never regret that I did that. Junie grew up and Efrain got to fight him. They got to fight and we found out Efrain won. I think it helped Junie become a better person. I think it was the right decision at the end of the day.

4:12 [Comment From James]
who's you favorite ufc fighter of all time?
4:12 Dana White: It's so hard because there's no one. Obviously Chuck Liddell and I have a great relationship, but there's so many guys who are great fighters. I'm lucky to be able to say that and not just pick one.

4:12 [Comment From Alistair]
Could you do more to promote Machida? Many people feel he is the first boxing-level skilled fighter in MMA, and don't find him "boring" at all.
4:14 Dana White: The best boxing skill fighter in UFC is B.J. Penn. His hands are incredible. We've got guys who are decent professional boxers. Freddie Roach just said he thinks B.J. penn is the best striker in MMA. And Marcus Davis was actually a professional boxer.

Yeah, I love Machida. Believe me, you're not going to see me not try to promote Machida. I think he's a great guy and he's talente dand he'll be one of the best MMA fighters in the world.

4:14 Dana White: Also, Machida is the co-main event at UFC 94, with Thiago Silva.

4:14 [Comment From Bigmail]
What will be the coaches of TUF 9??
4:14 Dana White: Michael Bisping and the winner of Henderson vs. Franklin.

4:15 [Comment From Guest]
i want matt hamill on live ufc tomorrow.. i hope to see him on ppv
4:15 Dana White: Again, it shows that hte card is stacked. If people ask me that it's awesome. If he has a great fight, we'll put it on TV.

4:15 [Comment From Garree]
Dana, any chance you could make UFC fights available on iTunes a few months after they take place?
4:15 Dana White: We're working on something like that right now, so yes.

4:15 [Comment From rudy]
did chuck turn down a fight with machida
4:16 Dana White: No, Chuck never turns down fights. From the day we bought this company, and before, he doesn't turn down fights, ever. Although Joe Silva did say he turned down a fight against Matt Lindland because he thought it was too easy. Lindland was fighting at 185 at the time. Chuck was like, 'That guy is small and all he does is wrestle. No way. I want somebody harder.'

4:17 Dana Wihte: As Joe Silva said, Chuck used to fight a murderer's row. He became a star because he fought nothing but stars all along.

4:17 [Comment From 91stormvet]
Who, in your opinion was the Best all around Fighter on the reality show?
4:18 Dana White: The best fighter this season I thought was Philippe Nover but apparently it wasn't. It was Efrain. Bader looked good, too.

The best of all time you'd have to go with Forrest Griffin because he's the champ right now, but Rashad Evans is right there. He knocked out Chuck Liddell.

Josh Koscheck, too.

4:18 [Comment From Connor]
whats your choice for knockout and submission of the year?
4:20 Dana White: KO of the year has got to be Rashad over Chuck Liddell. Submission I'd give to C.B. Dollaway for the Peruvian Necktie. Also Dustin Hazelett's arm bar.

4:20 [Comment From matt]
could we see a florian vs. sanchez rematch?
4:20 Dana White: Kenny will wait for the title. Joe Stevenson will fight Sanchez.

4:20 [Comment From Mickey]
Dana, what is your favorite fight of all time?
4:21 Dana White: My favorite fight of all time is Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg 2. To be there live, the way the whole thing went down, it was an incredible fight.

4:21 Dana White: That's it. Thanks to everybody for taking time to write in and I appreciate the support.

12/28/08 9:37:16AM
Thanks Wolfenstein, that was a great read.
12/28/08 9:54:20AM
Yeah, some very interesting info there! And some classic Dana dodging as well lol.

Thanks for posting that man!
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