Dana White to make an announcement at 2 p.m. about UFC 151

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8/23/12 12:47:55PM
And there's the email about a forthcoming announcement from Dana White regarding UFC 151. Shit just got real.

Dana White to make announcement on 151 today during media call at 2 ET.

Dana White to make special announcement about UFC 151 today at 2pm ET. Stay tuned folks! #UFC

UFC just announced that @danawhite will hold a conference call at 2 pm ET regarding the fate of UFC 151. Stay tuned.

Guess who is replacement? RT @arielhelwani: UFC just announced that @danawhite will hold a conference call at 2 pm ET regarding fate UFC 151
8/23/12 12:49:01PM
8/23/12 12:51:22PM
Machida vs Bones 2
8/23/12 12:52:39PM
Rumors flying around Hendo hurt his leg, and has to pull out of the fight.

**Edit** Didn't see the whole thread in the offtopic section dedicated to the "Rumor"
8/23/12 1:03:40PM
Hey Jon, I'm your huckleberry.
8/23/12 1:04:37PM
Some fight is getting moved from another card. Not sure if its too late for a replacement without Dana laying down a lot of $$ to Jones and said new opponent
8/23/12 1:40:30PM
There's a chance it's the FLW title fight is what I heard FWIW.

I hope that's not the case though, there are guys that would take the Jones fight out there.
8/23/12 1:48:18PM
I don't think the card can survive or do well without a good main events. With co-main event already replaced.

I hate to see a guy put in there on 9 days notice. Jones was already complaining about not wanting to fight Machida.

MM/JoeB fight on 22nd, which if they moved to Sep 1 could but about 2-3 weeks from them.

BUT, UFC 152 could survive if MM/JoeB moved to UFC 151 as 152 has Stann/Bisping which could become new main event. Bisping already declared it was the "real" main event awhile ago.
8/23/12 2:02:53PM

UFC 151 Cancelled - Machida was offered JOnes. Said no. Chael was offered Jones. Accepted. Jones declined. May be for 9/22
8/23/12 2:04:20PM
Jones vs. Machida... now in Toronto.
8/23/12 2:10:03PM
Jon Jones is a joke! supposed to be one of the best fighters in the world but wont fight chael sonnen who hasnt trained at all on 8 days notice against a MW what kind of champ is that but hell fight machida who he said he has no interest in fighting ya your a tru champ
8/23/12 6:34:14PM
8/23/12 8:23:12PM
From this day forth, Jones will forever be known as "Mayweather Jones". Jones wants to pick and choose who he wants to fight. Try being a true champion, and fight whoever they put in front of you. Stop making excuses about who deserves what. Your job as a fighter is to fight. So, stop being a bitch and man up and take the fight. Jones needs to look at the big picture. There are a lot of people that were counting on the money they would make during that fight, from soda vendors to t-shirt sales. The working class people of that venue will suffer because of his arrogance. Definitely not the attitude of a great champion. P.S. I would fight my own mother in a backyard if I had to. LOL!
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