Dana White admits hands may be tied with Nick Diaz's boxing aspirations

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4/27/11 10:12:31PM
TORONTO – Boxing is looking better than ever for Nick Diaz.

Two weeks after the Strikeforce welterweight champion's manager announced the fighter would take a break from MMA for a high-profile pro-boxing fight, the UFC appears receptive to the idea.

Of course, the boxing match is in Diaz's current contract.

"What I'm going to do is I'm going to sit down with Nick," UFC president Dana White today said. "I like the Diaz brothers. I'm going to sit down with him, and we'll figure out what he wants to do."
4/28/11 1:44:19AM
Well....I think Nick's hands may be tied due to his boxing aspirations.....time will tell, I guess.
4/28/11 3:08:29AM
i dont really care what diaz does. im not really a fan, i like to watch him fight in hopes somebody embarrasses him ,or his brother, but as for him boxing, i would like to see just out of curiosity. will the MMA champ be able to hang with a legit pro boxer?
4/28/11 6:26:01AM
I would love to see Diaz fight Ricardo Mayorga. Mayorga is an even bigger trash talker than Mayweather. But the ting I love about Mayorga, is he goes in for the kill all the time. I can already see Mayorga really missing Diaz off during the press conference.

Mayorga would be the perfect guy for Diaz to hype up a fight.
4/28/11 8:49:31AM
Dana should let Nick "try out" pro boxing let him KO'd by Jeff Lacy or some other dude and he won't think about leaving MMA again.
4/28/11 3:30:11PM
I think this would be great exposure for MMA, if Diaz could just hold his own in a losing fight it would be a win for MMA. And if he won guys like Bob Arum would have big plates of crow waiting for them.
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