Dana White: UFC 113's Paul Daley vs. Josh Koscheck winner gets title shot

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5/6/10 3:15:41PM
MONTREAL – UFC 113's co-main event between top welterweight contenders Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck will earn the winner a title shot with champion Georges St-Pierre.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the long-expected plans during today's UFC 113 pre-event press conference at Montreal's Bell Centre.

The same venue hosts Saturday's pay-per-view event, which includes the Daley vs. Koscheck fight.

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5/6/10 4:23:13PM
That rules. Kos is the only guy who won a round vs GSP in a while, and Daley has ill strikes an ko power. Both are exciting fighters who deserve GSP next because they r top dawgs who havent gotten a title shot yet.

Kos would have to use his wrestling vs GSP so relentless to win, and Daley would have to come out like Vitor did vs Wandy. Regardless im more excited for these guys to fight GSP than I was about Hardy.

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5/6/10 5:00:30PM
5/6/10 5:10:25PM
is the winner and gsp going to be tuf coaches as well? I hope not.
5/6/10 5:50:49PM
That'll be the second Brit that GSP has defended against then...
5/6/10 5:56:44PM
Wow...and they both get to avoid Fitch and Alves. Alves already beat Koscheck. Personally I think a fighter should have to go through both of them (Fitch and Alves) before getting a shot at GSP. The WW division must be getting thin...or the "expert matchmaker" Joe Silva has screwed up yet again.
5/6/10 6:06:20PM
That is totally a wack choice, nothing against those two fighters, but really? Is that how empty the Welter division is? One these two guys are next in line?

Jesus Christ, please let this be a blessing in disguise.
5/6/10 6:46:13PM
I'm not thrilled with either of these fighters getting a shot against GSP just for winning this fight but I am also keenly aware of the "if not them then whom?" factor. It's not their fault that GSP has run roughshod through an entire division. It's honestly the only thing that makes sense right now. Still would prefer them to have to go through Fitch and Alves but then again, I don't think they could and we'd be back to a re-match.
5/6/10 7:21:06PM
Kos has the better chance in my opinion.
5/6/10 10:19:46PM
where does shields fit in??
but i do think kos will have a smarter game plan now knowing this wont go reckless use his wrestling
gotta go with kos
5/6/10 10:56:18PM
I'm really surprised to hear complaints about this. Daley doesn't deserve a shot by any means, even if he beats Kos. But he at least deserves it as much as Dan Hardy did.

Kos absolutely deserves it if he beats Dale though, even though GSP has fought him already they haven't met in a title fight so at least we're getting someone fresh for a title shot.

PS. This is coming from one of Koscheck's biggest haters, so if I think he deserves it he really REALLY must
5/6/10 11:34:30PM
I'd rather see someone fresh than a rematch. I don't care how much Fitch has improved. Fitch got bastardized by GSP in their fight. I can't see how anyone could improve that much. Re-matches generally don't pique my interest unless the first fight was really close or someone just got caught by a freak shot.
5/7/10 2:35:41AM
5/7/10 9:38:45AM
Whatever happened to Kos having to fight Fitch for a title shot? Didn't Dana say that after UFC 112?
5/7/10 2:36:42PM
Dana also said that Chuck and Tito ARE fighting and all the rumors about Tito not fighting are untrue. He also said that the only way Kimbo will ever fight in the UFC is if he wins the Ultimate Fighter. He also said that Anderson wouldn't be headlining his next event. Do you see my point here?
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