Dana Says Rogerio Nogueira Signing "Should Be Done"

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8/28/09 1:01:41PM
Or somebody's in trouble according to him. At the UFC 102 pre-event press conference, Dana White confirmed rumors started about 10 days ago that Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, the smaller twin brother of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, was just about signed by UFC. No word on when "Minotoro" might make his UFC debut besides "soon", and Dana wouldn't drop many hints about why UFC was snatching up so much "name talent" recently...besides maybe denying Strikeforce the chance to get them.

8/28/09 1:10:46PM
I think Lil Nog has been more than just a name for a while, he was just wrapped up in fighting in Japan, the only place other than the UFC worth competing in at a high leveI IMO.
8/28/09 8:17:28PM
He could seriously do some damage at LHW. Black House could run the division before we know it.
8/28/09 8:22:17PM
I don't see too many fighters capable of beating Lil' Nog at LHW in the UFC. He's an instant top 5 contender IMO
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