Dana's New Video Blog - "F**k you Loretta Hunt"

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4/1/09 4:12:58PM
Dana's new video blog. Talks about Loretta Hunt's article on Sherdog about some managers and agents losing back stage passes.
4/1/09 4:28:46PM
4/1/09 4:36:49PM
Dana , tell us what you really think of loretta.
4/1/09 5:02:41PM
title should be :**** you *** *** **** loretta **** **** *** loretta **** *** hunt *** !! *****
4/1/09 5:13:15PM
come on now..dana should know she's only tellin the truth..i mean look at Randy Couture..one of the reason he gave for not fighting for that year or so..was that he couldnt even get tickets for his family..UFC cant own a human being no matter how hard they try..just like how they cut people from the UFC for not signin their image rights for the UFC game..UFC needs to relaxe a lil bit...
4/2/09 3:54:12PM
Link is broke.
4/2/09 3:56:52PM

Posted by slapshot

Link is broke.

It has been taken down by the UFC, after complaints regarding Dana using a few ant-gay slurs.
4/2/09 4:26:53PM

4/2/09 4:35:17PM

Posted by slapshot



Well by most sites at least like youtube. Some of the lesser known sites will probably hang onto it.
4/5/09 4:25:12PM
4 all that dana has done 4 the ufc and mma to make it bigger i think he has topped out because of rants like this where he acts like a godfather he will never be accepted by maistream media. as long as he is the front man mainstream coverage and respectability will never be achieved. All of the other sports would have fired any employee, part owner or not for one comment like this. i started a post a couple years ago and made this point. Dana doesnt have the temperment and vocabulary to be the front man for a mainsteam sports org. and dont forget he cant stand working from the shadows he has to be in the front taking credit 4 everything. I dont think dana can change and he probably doesnt want to but the mainstream sports like it this way they can tag mma with the labels they have used 4 years and say look at this idiot that runs the ufc!
4/6/09 10:29:04AM
I cant believe all these organizations are demanding Dana apologize to them. Was Dana trying to insult gays, retards and fat people? (Big fat maytr, seperate interview) No. Like are you really that ******* insulted if someone isn't even remotely talking about you? He said faggot to some anonymous source and gays are offended? He called Mrs. Hunt retarded and now an organiztion for mentally disabled people want an apology? Are kidding me with this ***** ****? This country is patheic, ******* bunch of pussies. If they want to be treated like the rest of us, they have to take insults like the rest of us.
4/6/09 12:12:17PM
The problem with an insult like "f-ggot" is that what you're doing is using a word for gay people to mean disgusting/ wrong/ whatever, so linguistically you're equating being gay with being disgusting/ wrong/ whatever. It's a word that has inherently homophobic connotations even if the person using it does not mean to use it that way. It doesn't make the person a homophobe, but the language is still homophobic.

I personally choose not to use language like that, but it doesn't bother me when other people do if it's clear they don't mean anything by it. I think Dana's really funny, but it's not like he comes across as being classy and respectable.
4/6/09 12:15:25PM
I think Dana is in the right here. She apparently doesn't know what she's talking about. And I love Dana White as the president because of the fact that he's such a human being compared to people like David Stern or Roger Goodell. More power to him.
4/6/09 10:25:59PM
Faggot can have different meanings, it doesn't just mean to insults gay's but I could care less. BTW, homophobic connotations? Do you honestly think anyone is afraid of gay people? Im tired of seeing that word when people try to justify insults to gays. "Are you HOMOPHOBIC!?!?" God....
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