Dana Makes It Official: Rampage Gets Next Title Shot

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5/26/09 6:02:03PM
I think Rampages key to victory in this fight will be pushing Machida back and cutting him off.
If he can come out in the opening and take the center of the octagon,forcing Machida to back up and circle away,he could potentialy use his boxing to neutralize Lyoto and possibly take a round or two away from him just doing that.

Really tough fight to call though.
5/26/09 9:49:40PM

Posted by slapshot

Posted by Pookie

Im interested in seeing the odds when this fight come out, as Rampage is probably going to have some killer odds.

Rampages best weapon is his ability to burst into his striking range with accurate power-punches that are laced with black magic and dynamite.

TO be able to beat machida your going to have to be able to strike from a longe range, with either kicks(like shogun) or lunging punches.

Rampages boxing defense is the best in the division hands down, and definitely has the tools to stand and bang with machida.

Machida has more tools to strike with, the speed and the footwork.

Rashad had little chance against machida stylistically and most people saw that before last night.
Dont let the evans fight lull you into a false sense of security against Rampage. He is without a shadow of a doubt, the better fighter in every area in comparison to rashad. Jackson has the right type of tools to attack machida successfully, and more tools defensively than rashad had to deal with the diversity and range of Machida's strikes.

If rampage is any better than +200 then jump on those odds.

Machida has a handful of tools and natural attributes that can enable him to beat a fighter like rampage too, so dont get me wrong.

But to anyone who says rampage is tailor made for Machida to beat i disagree, Rashad was tailor made for Machida to beat.

I like your post. The only thing I dont agree with, I really dont agree with and thats that Jackson has the best striking defense because absolutely hands down the best striking defense in the UFC belongs to Machida.

I believe Rampages is definitely better because he's actually defending against them. Machida is so far away when he's striking he don't defend anything, nobody has a long enough reach to touch him but Rampage actually fights in close unlike Machida and stays untouched. If Machida actually was in striking range for more then just 1-2 secs then I don't think he's as good defensively as Rampage when it comes to blocking & countering shots.
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