Dana's Latest "Big Announcement" Is Later Today

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1/13/11 8:08:40AM
This time it's to announce plans to bring a major show to New York City, apparent lack of MMA legislation be damned. It's scheduled to be at 2 PM at MSG (The GAAAH-den), Junkie will have live streaming. Description: "Taking part in the presser are UFC president Dana White, UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar and Madison Square Garden Sports president Scott O'Neill.

Officials will unveil an economic-impact study in hopes New York will join the 44 other U.S. states that currently regulate mixed martial arts."

It will also stream on ufc.com.
1/13/11 1:06:28PM
Great heads up....can't wait
1/13/11 4:17:28PM
Not that big of a annoucement
Making plans already for a state that doesn't have mma legalized yet
I think every fan knows that madison square garden will host it
No big secret there!!
1/13/11 4:41:54PM
Glad its finally gonna happen at Madison Square.
1/13/11 5:18:10PM
Actually, the bigger announcement was that IF New York legalizes MMA, Bellator was snubbed and UFC will get the nod for the first go around. The second part of that announcement was that UFC pledged two events to New York.
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