Dana's Interview and the DJ's kissing his A#$%^^$&

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7/5/08 12:36:51PM

I think Dana and his pet DJ is indirectly worried about the Emergence of Clothing lines and Orgs outside the UFC but then Its just a matter of time...... Funny thing Dana can talk smack at the back of any fighter but he acts cowardly when infront of them, talking smack at Ray Mercer and I wonder if He and Ray would cross path someday, and Ray challenges him in a boxing match maybe he will use excuses , and how Ironic he's calling everyone in the Internet pussy, while indeed He is one of those Ultimates when it come to Pussiness in MMA History
7/5/08 2:42:45PM
Most pople on the internet are Pussys. As for Ray Mercer I think Dana would take a Boxing Match with him He was going to Box Tito why not a old man? All that being said that DJ may want to wipe the stool off his nose. No one should even listen to the regular radio, pay the 13 a monthy and get sirius they have the fight club on tuesdays and Fridays all mma and boxing talk for 2 hrs. They have scott Ferrall and Bubba the love Sponge both have MMA guests on all the time.
7/5/08 2:48:16PM
i heard dana on the radio station here today on 98.9 the rock, johnny dare morning show it was pretty cool.
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