Dana "Guarantees" UFC On Network TV Within 1 Year

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9/16/09 11:14:32AM
Guaranteed. That's what Dana White said on a Las Vegas radio show Tuesday. "I guarantee you by Sept. 15 of next year, we will be on network television," he said. "I'll put on probably one (event) a quarter – one that should have been on pay-per-view except we'll put it on network TV."

9/16/09 11:18:59AM
Hasn't Dana said the same thing in the past? I'm not 100% sure, but I think he has...
9/16/09 2:40:45PM
if they do that then no more free spike tv pay per view which they do about 2 a year instead we will get 4
in a year i could see it happening
9/16/09 2:54:36PM
I can't wait, got a family of 5 and could use a break from the PPV monsters!
9/16/09 4:21:40PM
Hope it doesn't end up like Elite XC where the doctors call fights way earlier than they were suppose too.
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