Dana: Grove-Day Loser Saturday Is Gone

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3/5/09 12:07:15PM
Hopefully Kendall Grove didn't need any more pressure going into UFC 96 Saturday, because he just got it. Dana White told USA Today yesterday that the Grove-Jason Day loser Saturday night is out of UFC, meaning Grove could be the first TUF winner to ever be cut by UFC.

3/5/09 12:33:04PM
Well then if I picked the winner correctly, Grove is done for.
3/5/09 12:36:04PM
Poor Kendall. I always thought he showed promise, he just never put it together.
3/5/09 12:57:35PM
He certainly had the height going for him (kinda like Corey Hill) but it seemed he never could use it to his fullest extent. I don't want to see him lose and get cut but I too am picking against him.
3/5/09 1:03:39PM
Kendall has been a dissapoinment. I had a lot of expectatiosn for him, but he hasnt stringed together a good amount of wins. I think he will beat Day, however, he now knows that every fight in the UFC from here on out could be his last.
3/5/09 1:14:25PM
grove just has a poor chin......anybody can touch it.....i can see why they are threatening to release grove, but i dont understand why hes threatening day to be out tho....he beat up belcher pretty bad, and got beat up by poster boy bisping......thats not a bad run.......kinda silly
3/5/09 1:29:29PM
Actually, Kendall won't be the first TUF winner to be cut if he loses...because if I recall correctly, Travis Lutter won TUF 4 at 185 and he got cut....

not that that has anything to do with this really, but I thought it was worth mentioning...
3/5/09 1:38:44PM
yeah but lutter was on the comeback show.
3/5/09 1:43:46PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

yeah but lutter was on the comeback show.

Exactly. I don't classify any of the guys who were on the comeback show as ultimate fighters, because they were all in the UFC already before being on the show. It's not like guys like Griffin or Diego.
3/5/09 2:05:15PM
is it just because of the long lay off?
grove's last fight was fine. tanner didn't look great, but a win is a win.

how many wins does he have to get before he is safe......

3/5/09 2:13:47PM
I'd say 2. He's at 3-2 in UFC right now so a loss would put him at 3-3.
3/5/09 3:11:28PM
Thats silly Kendal belongs in the UFC
3/5/09 3:23:47PM
grove by 2nd rd sub but why would dana say that lol cause eventually the winner is gon to, if dana has no quarrel cutting ya now, he wont the next time you lose, unless one of these guys goes on a rampage and destroys the division all of sudden???doubtful
3/5/09 5:01:32PM
I see Day running through Kendall in this one. Day by TKO, Bye Bye Kendall.
3/5/09 9:12:05PM
I haven't liked Kendall since my wife mentioned she thought he was cute during his Tuff season. I hope Day at least uglies him up a bit.
3/5/09 10:07:01PM

Posted by tmas

Thats silly Kendal belongs in the UFC

No he doesnt. He never reached his potential(if there was ever much there). He has a terrible chin and no real strengths to his game. He belongs nowhere near the UFC.
3/5/09 10:47:28PM
One half of team dagger will still be in the UFC come sunday.
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