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9/7/08 12:57:16PM
Either chuck drops down to middleweight for an immediate title shot against silva, maybe white will slightly adapt the rules so that anderson silva cannot strike liddell to the head, that way chuck should wear a belt again very soon. Im sure all the other middleweights who have earned their space in the top 10 wouldn't mind the ex LHW champ with his impressive 1-2 come back streak, coming down a weight class to take their title shots for them.
There is of course the opportunity to leave the ufc and fight some more grapplers like he did when he was the unbeatable champion. With the ufc LHW division being full of dangerous strikers like vanderlei, machida, griffin and rampage, that redemption of chucks title dream seems very vague to me. He could always fight houston alexander, that way there's a 50/50 percent chance of liddell winning as you would have 2 one style fighters with weak chins throwing down for a win.
With randy couture back in the HW division, an unstoppable anderson silva in the MW division, and a LHW division full of strikers who all have chucks card. Doesn't look good for liddell. I see him leaving partnership with the ufc and taking on the next role of THE SCORPION KING 3 financed globally by his best friend dana. Maybe mr white will try and make liddell the best film actor now there's no chance of him holding a UFC belt again.... ??????
9/7/08 12:58:23PM
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