Dan Stupp Defends Sean Salmon's Admission

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9/8/09 9:31:02AM
Salmon quit, plain and simple. Self-preservation and financial well-being trumped his competitive drive. But he didn’t "throw a fight" as so many have alleged.

At any MMA event, especially amateur and small regional shows, you’ll see at least a fighter or two who simply breaks mentally. He’ll stop fighting off a submission attempt, will quit fighting and cover up, or will simply tap-out. Like Salmon, they just don’t have the heart to continue that night

9/8/09 11:56:18AM
I've read it and re-read it several times now and I still feel that what he did was "throwing the fight".

You can make a case he did it because he was compelled to - there was a threat to his position at Wolfslair. But even if he didn't have a compelling reason, there's no indication that he "gave in" due to fatique or "quit" by being mentally broken. Put that all together, and you have him "throwing" or giving the fight away, so he could return to England. I hope I'm not being to harsh on the guy, but a plain reading of what he said leads me to this conclusion.

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