Dan Quinn Calls Kimbo out

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6/24/08 7:26:55PM
6/24/08 7:38:11PM
Bill Cosby called Kimbo OUT!
6/24/08 8:48:16PM
kimbo wanted to be a superstar, this is what elitexc gets for trying to hype up kimbo when he wasnt ready to be a main event fighter.
6/24/08 9:36:55PM
Ok ive had enough...........I am Calling Kimbo out right know.
6/24/08 9:48:45PM

Posted by snakerattle79

He's Calling Kimbo out!!

Dan Quinn's Fight video

Lol.....I just had my buddy call the number he gave out on the video. He answered and he was like "so you seen my video, huh?". My buddy talked a little smack to him, they argued like little kids for a minute or two until he hung up. It was actually funnier when it happened then it sounds now.

Give him a call, then post your story.
6/25/08 12:01:49AM
I love how this guy calls out MMA fighters but no kicks or Takedowns... so basicly he wants to box in a cage.. this dude has a very high opinion of himself and is living in the past..stiill I think he could take Kimbo...
6/27/08 4:43:37PM
So I am bumping this back up to the top after seeing all the craziness that is Dan Quinn.

Cage Potato did a good post explaining who he is, how crazy he is and commentary on his videos. Its worth checking out:
6/27/08 8:05:26PM

Posted by holt8081

Ok ive had enough...........I am Calling Kimbo out right know.

I'm calling him out too.I call out your call out,then I will call out Jeff Monsons callout,that was called out by Dan Quinn.
6/28/08 10:44:57AM
I propose that all Kimbo callouts be BANNED
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