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1/8/09 4:52:12AM
A change has been made for the upcoming Feb 17 UFC Fight Night card in Tampa, Fla as MMAWeekly.com confirmed late on Wednesday night that Dan Miller has stepped in to replace Alessio Sakara in a middleweight match-up with former WEC fighter, Jake Rosholt.

The news was confirmed to MMAWeekly.com by sources close to the fight, and while it was reported that Sakara has been pulled from the bout, it is unknown at this time the extent or nature of his injury.

1/8/09 5:18:04AM
That sucks for Rosholt. He is a great wrestler but he is gonna get subbed.
1/8/09 7:45:43AM
I'm actually excited about this fight. Both of these guys bring it 100%. Energetic fighters always make for a good match. Unfortunatly for Rosholt his gameplan will fall right in favor with Dan Miller.
1/8/09 8:12:12AM
i cant imagine anyone not liking the miller boys. these guys will take a fight against anyone on an hours notice and are what i would call blue collar fighters. i dont think this fight got any less exciting by the switch, and thats always a good thing.
1/8/09 8:38:10AM
I actually think this is a better match up for Jake his last fight in the WEC with Nissen Osterneck was a F**kin war one of my picks for top 10 fights of the year, any way I think Miller will give Jake a real test. My only worry for Jake is his gas tank otherwise he's pretty solid.
1/8/09 8:47:19AM
yeah the Miller Brothers get 2 thumbs up. it seems like if anyone in the MW or 155 lbs divisions get hurt these guys are like OK we'll do it.
by the end of the year they should each have 5 or 6 fights this year.
Going for Miller and yeah I think Jakes backup plan for Alessio was to take it to the ground if the standup got to rough, not a good idea now.
1/8/09 9:20:22AM
Rosholt is obviously a great wrestler (everyone knows this), but his stand up looked very unimpressive in his fight with Osterneck and so did his stamina. Rosholt imo can eventually be a great mma fighter, but he needs to work a lot more on his all around game (like how Koscheck has). As of right now though I feel the only way Rosholt can win this fight is by decision via mostly lay and pray, and even that will be difficult because Miller can definitely pull a sub from his back. But with that being said we have seen plenty of fights where you think that the guy with good or great submission skills can sub a wrestler inside a wrestlers guard and the wrestler just ends up being too strong and keeps the other guy from being able to do anything. (example:Efrain vs. Nover) If Miller wins this fight it will be an exciting fight, but if Rosholt wins it most likely will be more boring via Rosholt basically just holding Miller down. If Rosholt is smart he won't stand with Miller, it didn't work so well for him in the Osterneck fight.
Forgot to give props to the Miller brothers, they are badass dudes, who doesn't like those guys.
1/8/09 9:44:26AM
This pick just got a lot easier for me. Against Sakara, I wanted to pick Rosholt, but I had the feeling that he was going to lose. Against Miller, I'm about 90% that he's going to lose. But I know that this is going to be a fight. Don't be surprised to see Miller stand and bang with Rosholt, and then use his TD to stuff anything from Jake.

I really hope that we get to see this fight on Spike!
1/8/09 11:48:53AM
i had rosholt winning against sakara but now miller will sub him
1/8/09 12:01:28PM

Oh well, maybe Sakara can fight on the Columbus card now!!
1/8/09 12:08:31PM
Yeah I see dan getting the win here prolly a late submission if jake gasses out. Hopefully miller wont taking this fight on short notice.
1/8/09 2:31:23PM
I'm a big fan of the Miller brothers, but I actually think that Sakara was the more exciting and evenly matched opponent. Should be money in the bank. The Miller brothers are always ready to step up, and they're getting a chance to make a lot of many and take a lot of fights because of it.
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