Dan Miller’s Son Doing Well After Kidney Transplant

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9/7/12 9:10:12AM
UFC fighters Dan and Jim Miller may be the ones in the family that get most of the attention due to their prowess in the Octagon, but there is another Miller that has proven himself more than worthy of the title “the toughest Miller of them all.”

Danny Jr., Dan’s son, was so dubbed by his uncle, and on Thursday he proved why, fighting his way through a kidney transplant operation made necessary by a condition called polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

“In March of 2010, he lost all kidney function. Today, September 6, 2012, Danny is now peeing again! Words can’t describe the emotion that we are feeling right now,” wrote his ecstatic mother, Kristen Miller, on Facebook on Thursday.

“He’s still in the OR (operating room) but will be headed to his PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) room shortly. His new kidney function will be monitored extremely closely...

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9/7/12 10:32:48AM

I wish him the best, the whole ordeal has to be absolutely terrible for Dan and the whole family.
9/7/12 11:10:06AM
AMAZING news!!!!

I hope he continues to do good, he's got a lot of living to do
9/7/12 11:19:46AM
great news!
9/7/12 11:27:21AM
That's awesome
9/7/12 11:47:06AM
Fantastic news indeed! Godbless tha lil buddy!
9/7/12 11:48:51AM
Awesome news, couldnt imagine going through anything like that
9/7/12 11:57:28AM
Fantastic news! I could only imagine what it must be like for the family to go through such a rough patch like this. Good to see things are looking up for the Miller family.
9/7/12 1:07:40PM
Great news. Amazing how kids are so resiliant.
9/7/12 2:12:16PM

Fantastic news. I'm so happy for Dan, his son and their family. No kid deserves to go through such a tough time, and Dan as a parent has been through a lot. I'm very, very happy things are looking up for the Miller family.
9/7/12 2:48:04PM
always good to hear great news, all the best to dan and his family
9/7/12 2:51:43PM
I'm also ecstatic to hear this good news for the entire family. I hear the road to recovery is still a tough one but after what he's already been through, I know the little guy can pull through.

Also, I hope his Aunt is doing well. What an amazing gift she gave to her nephew that will ultimately save his life.
9/7/12 3:35:12PM
Also, props to Dana and Lorenzo for helping make that happen.
9/7/12 6:16:47PM
Good to hear. Will rock the 'Chocolate Al' shirt in celebration.
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