Dan Miller schedules surgery for son, camp thanks UFC for financial support

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12/10/11 1:33:11PM
With Dan Miller facing medical bills in the neighborhood of $100,000, things weren't exactly heading in the right direction for the UFC middleweight contender.

Now, thanks to a little help from his employers, Miller is in much better shape.

MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) recently learned from Miller's camp at AMA Fight Club that UFC co-owners Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White each made significant private donations to the Daniel James Miller Foundation, which was created to assist in the funding of a kidney transplant for Miller's son, Daniel Jr.

"Zuffa went above and beyond to make sure that Daniel James Miller and his aunt Kathy, who will be the living donor, will have the absolute best health care and the funding possible to make the surgery happen," AMA trainer Mike Constantino told MMAjunkie.com. "In addition to that, Dana and Lorenzo also made a substantial donation to the Daniel James Miller Foundation."


12/10/11 1:37:44PM
I love reading stories like this. I knew Zuffa would step up.
12/10/11 2:16:04PM
This is the best story.
12/10/11 2:26:18PM
These kinds of stories warm my heart. There is nothing as awesome as man helping his fellow man. Mad props to zuffa for their generosity. Hope the surgery goes good
12/10/11 3:38:19PM
Good stuff. It is stories like this that remind me that Dana White really isn't a bad guy. The Fertitta's are class as well.
12/10/11 3:52:13PM
I knew they'd step up.
12/10/11 6:07:56PM
ufc got the money
12/11/11 12:56:49AM
This is excellent news. I'm very happy for the Miller family. Here's to hoping his son makes it through 100% and we get to see Dan in the cage sooner than later.
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