Dan "Hollywood" Henderson vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

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8/2/07 6:43:01PM
i'm putting all my money.. literally.. all my money on hendo. gotta love em...
8/3/07 8:52:08PM
I belivce and know that dan is going to ko in this fight maybe in the early 2nd and third round
8/4/07 1:54:16PM
Whoever get the first big hit in will win....after that ground n pound..
8/4/07 2:10:42PM
Quinton jackson has the advantage anywhere this fight goes. Striking goes to Rampage. Wrestling Rampage because he will just pick Hendo up and slam him then GnP him. So basically unless Hendo lands with some lucky punch like a spinning backfist then its going to Rampage..,..
8/4/07 6:11:42PM
I HOPE everyone thinks Dan Henderson is going to win.... so I can bet every penny on Jackson and Jackson will beat em.

C'mon though, in all seriousness, Dan Henderson has a chance, sure, but Rampage, in his new camp, is absolutely positively amongst the elite. Hahaha... f'real though, Rampage is a beast. Aint tryin' to nuthug em or anything, the skys the limit for him, as long as he still trains hard and avoids the partying with Tito and Jenna Jamison.
8/14/07 12:22:29PM
Hendo by late KO or TKO...he throws that right when he is tired so i think he will land it late
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